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anyone taking azilect with mucuna?


my father has PD he is on azilect 1mg/d with litte effect, so i want to try mucuna

i read many comments that says not to combine azilect & mucuna as it can cause high Blood pressure

i don't know why? although azilect is usaually given with levodopa, and mucuna is just a natural levodopa, so why its ok to take azilect with sinemet but not with mucuna!

if anyone is taking them both will you please share your experience?

thank you so much

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This question has been bugging me. I'm on Azilect and Madopar (the other synthetic ldopa). I plan to gradually change from madopar to Mucuna but remain on Azilect. I've found no definite evidence that there is a problem in taking mucuna and aziłect. Low blood pressure is my problem anyway!

Tmarsella in reply to Dap1948

Am currently on low dosage Mucuna pruriens, now UCSF Doc dx mild PD, and RX start 1/2 Sinemet 25/100 x 3 daily, and increase til comfortable. Mannitol checks my constipation. I fear going on Sinemet. Suggestions? Age 76. California

RoyProp in reply to Tmarsella

That's it! That's it! That is what it is called. "Mild PD", as I am comfortable with or w/o the 3X day 50/200 cl.

jombi in reply to Dap1948

How are you doing on Azilect and mucuna?

Dap1948 in reply to jombi

Fine! No problems

Did you see my post on the book "Mucuna Versus Parkinson" by Dr Maldonado, neurologist?. I think it will answer all your questions

I have read the book, was wondering if he discourages use of macuna and azilecy together due to added ingredients in mucuna other than the levodopa?

I just saw specialist at Parkinson institute in Sunnyvale, ca and she said latest studies show azilect is not effective in protecting dopamine so I went off it, no other Meds . Heard you cannot take macuna with protein. I will see ari md using amino acid therapy and macuna next month

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