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Correct medication cocktail

Hi Everyone. It is Pat. I found the hardest part of treating PD was getting the right mix of medications taken at the right times. It took quite awhile but my Doctor and I feel we have reached that point at least for now. I take three Stalevos a day, mirapex(an-agonist) three times a day,and at bedtime one Sinemet 25-100 and one Lexapro -20 mg right before bed. I sleep like a log and tremors and dyskinesias are much better. I think trial and error ,at least for me, was worth it.

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I'm glad you found the right mix


Sounds like you have a good Dr. Good to have someone to help you work it all out. A lot of us seem to be left to trial and error on our own!

Glad you have it sorted and welcome.


Hi Pat. I'm glad you have worked out your meds. I'm still in the process of balancing Stalevo, Sinemet, mirapex and Azelec to reduce the dyskinesias one the one hand, and shorten the wearing off period on the other. It is certainly a trial and error exercise. Your success is an encouragement to me. Thanks for sharing.


Pardon my spelling: its Azilect.


Hi Joanne,

My doctor just kept having me try different combinations until we got the right one. I suppose after awhile it will need to be adjusted again but I am happy for now.

Good luck! You'll get it.


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