This may seem like a silly question but would like your opinion. I have to have cateract surgery and a colonoscopy within the month. Which one would you do first. I need the cateract surgery because it is getting difficult to read; My mindset is that it will take at least a month for the completion of the drops that have to be put in my eyes. I am 78 and am taking Sinamet and Azilect. The colonoscopy is just the one day but I don't know how much time is needed between the two surgeries.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I would vote for cataract, no. 1. Do the colonoscopy when you feel up to it. There's no hurry on it, is there?

  • Thank you for your response. As to your question I don't know if it would be considered a hurry but I haven't had one in 8 years. My first one had polops and the next one was clear. I didn't know that much time elapsed and I could kick myself for waiting so long.

  • Azilect may be a problem. Tried it once, as I recall their was talk at t he time about concerns if combined with anesthesia. Get your neurologist and whoever is doing the anesthesia to talk.

    Had colonoscopy and cataract surgery....moderate anesthesia, was similar.

    Do geT THE Azilect checked ou t.


  • Thank you for your response. I am concerned about Azilect also. Have so many things to think about that it is making me very anxious which I know is not good for PD.l

  • i am on Azilect... just had both eyes done.... two weeks apart... no problem... took a half hour each.

    They use twilight anesthesia... there was no concern. you just can't eat the morning before.

  • Thank you so much for your post. It certainly made me feel better

  • My husband is 76. He recently had cataract surgery and is upset because he could read without glasses before, and now he needs glasses. This week he is having a colonoscopy. I would say get the colonoscopy first, because you probably won't have any problems, but maybe the cataract surgery could cause a problem. It probably doesn't matter, really.

  • Thank you for your response. I appreciate your input.

  • I agree with rhspearce12 have the colonoscope first, apart from the preparation there is not much to it ,it is really a simple procedure takes about 20m mins he preparation of the bowel can be a bit daunting though and I would not take the azilect on the day of the procedure you can of course take it afterwards. you should be given a anesthetic prior to this but you will be conscious throughout the whole procedure

    good luck.

  • Thank you very much for your response, Steph. I appreciate your input.

  • Hola:

    I will try in my little english to say to do the cataract surgery first, I did last year one and 10 days later the second eye and it was confortable, no problem any type.

    About your colonoscopy I cannot understand if is a surgery or this special exam with a little anesthesia, short time. If is this I believe I had one 2 years ago and only did not tale medicines that day. Everything was really easy.

    Good luck.


    Guadalupe from México City.

  • Hola Lupita you have a good English writing and I defenetly agree in the prociduere to do the colonoscopy first And then the láser, I'm frame Mx DF also living in Chicago Dx 5 y ago with PD how ever I'm batteling this condition with Meds And a lot of exercise how about you

    My best regards


  • Hola Serg:

    Don't forget to write when you be in condition after surgery and exam.

    For sure everything will be easy and fast.

    Good luck .


  • Hello Lupita

    I wrote you regarding Starfire condition not me doing the procedure im ok LOL


  • Thank you and everyone for answering my question. I appreciate all the input I received so I can make a decision.

  • Maybe have them done at the same time and save on the anesthesiologist.

    ; )

  • Then you would risk developing Optical Rectitus.

  • hi starfire,

    as you say with the drops for the cataract surgery, which does seem to take a long time. in comparison . i would have the colonoscopy first. and then it's done. then do the cataract surgery, neither one is anything you feel if you have a good doctor. my first one was a lousy doctor, but the second one was a piece of cake , so to speak.

    no question is silly.

  • Doing the two concurrently may lead to Optical Rectitus where the optical nerve gets crossed with the rectum and you end up with a shitty outlook on life.

    Sorry, I was compelled to make the above comment do to the opportunity that fortunately rarely presents itself.

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