Malaga today

I am heading to Malaga today for 2 day to meet the " world PDNS" nurses group we have set up to discuss all aspects of Parkinson's but to brain storm apomorphine. A brilliant treatment for Parkinson's at any stage where it is available. Buy that's not the point of my blog. Its about our interest and our hope as nurses working in this field to find you the cure to develop your hopes and to be there for you with answers when needed. I found where I work that I have just some of the answers and when I get stuck I tap out an email to my net work of nurses around the world and within minutes a day or hours I get an answer of some sort. This in turn is given to the person asking my question." London calling Sydney London calling Sydney" have any of you seen a case like this? and so on. It is my people with Parkinson's who pass through my clinics who have inspired me to develop this service and in return I thank you .

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  • I have left a long comment on health unlocked

  • Oh! where on "healthunocked" only you are already on there to have written this note. I am confused.

  • Thank you ...we count on you as a lifeline. It's good to be reassured that there is a worldwide web of nurses. I'd love to see a directory of DBS programmers as well as nurses with a Parkinsons speciality-- expand to physical therapists with Neuro focus as well. Thank you. When one of us benefits, all of us benefit.

  • agree

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