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my wonderfull dad

i lost my dad to pancreatic cancer in may 2010, he was only 67, he died within four months of diagnosis, because by the time it is confirmed its to late. i nursed him took care of him to his final breath, it makes it harder for me because iam a RGN and now what suffering is like, watching patients dying before you, being unable to stop it. why has pancreatic cancer the most silent but deadly form of cancer, and not reserched enough.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I agree that this cancer is not getting the research needed.. You always hear about breast cancer awareness (and God bless those people) but there is no pancreatic cancer awareness month....I dont know why there arent maybe blood tests or something people can get to detect if you may get pancreatic cancer...


Hi Sharron,

Miki8 is right about the lack of funding for research into pancreatic cancer (despite being the 5th biggest cancer killer, it receives less than 1% of overall research funding). The problem is also about lack of awareness. We at Pancreatic Cancer Action are trying to change this and there is an awareness month for pancreatic cancer in November.

We had a very busy month last month and through national radio & TV campaigns, we have reached millions in the UK with our messages.

Through our GP education lectures and soon an online training course for GPs we are compiling with the Royal College of GPs - we hope that more people will be diagnosed in time for surgery - currently the only potential we have for a cure.

best wishes,



More research and more funding is needed, we all have to spread awareness and make someone listen, this is a killer and people need help.

Europac are currentlly doing a study of familial pancreatic cancer, (where more than one in a family have suffered with this cancer) they hope to find genetic markers, if anyone want's more info. go to


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