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Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

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Just diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.

Waiting to see oncologist on Wednesday.

Scared I’m going to die very soon, but I feel very well?

Do you think the oncologist will offer me Chemotherapy?

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Hi I’m so sorry to hear your diagnosis & hope you get answers you need tomorrow. This wouldn’t let me send you my message yesterday, so I PM’d you. Take care, you’re in my thoughts x

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Hello Trudym, I’m not entirely sure why they didn’t allow you to send me a message.

I wonder if you can now?

Have you been told you are also supposed to be suffering from this awful cancer?

It depends on type of cancer it is mine is neuroendocrine very slow growing controlled by injections x28days,my tumour as shrunk by 50% in 2years and I'm very well I'm 78 ,I wish you well my love God bless you contact me anytime you like ,Poppy Storey

Hello my love just thinking about you ,how are things going .POPPYSTOREY

Hello Poppystorey,Many thanks for messaging me. I look forward to hearing from you I really do.

I don’t know if you started or ever had any Chemo, but on the 14th June I’m starting Chemo of two different types together.

Gemcitabine Paclitaxel albumin-bound (Abraxane)

Don’t have a clue how to pronounce any of those words!!

I don’t know what side effects they will give me, but they are given to me every week for 3 weeks and then a break for a week.

The consultant said its not curable but hoping to control it and improve both quality of life and have a couple more years I hope?

How’s life treating you?

I have never turned Jaundice, or lost any weight, in fact I’ve put on weight.

How did they find your tumour if you never knew you had a tumour?

Best wishes


Dear Lucy I will be thinking about you Saturday and praying for you.stay strong my love .Love Poppy Storey

Sorry I meant Tuesday xxxx poppyStorey

Dear Lucy my story is a long complicated story ,I will do my best to take you and anyone else through my story.In 2016 I started vomiting after food,which caused me to have digestion problems ,and bowel problems,each given a label IBS and gastric problems,I developed a permanent cough

Which I was then advised was likely picked up abroad. My abdomen was extended ,and I suffered the most

Horrendios back pain .yet still I was only told what I hadn't got.In 2019 I was given an emergency appointment with a gastro consultant I had been hospitalised 3 times by this time .the consultant at Blackpool victoria,then did a gall bladder scan,which confirmed my symptoms there was a mass on my pancreas,.un operable and very rare neuroendocrine tumour stage 111 .they started me on somatiline injections every 28 days now reduced to every 21 days.the tumour has shrunk 50%,and I'm ok .But still feel angry that no one would listen ,I was so poorly and tired,I was diagnosed with AF atrial fibrillation fitted with a pace maker I now have heart failure.

I am so grateful for my life and reaching 78 some of you on here are so young,my oncologist as told me I will probably pass away with some other old age complaint as this tumor is stable.

And I'm keeping well ,I have a wo derul husband ,children and Grandchildren,I than God every day for every breath I take. All I ask is that you don't take no for an answer from your GPS my tumor had been there for 4years and missed on at least 3/4scans ,be bold speak up and be heard ,we all deserve at least that.take care Lucy I'm here any time you want to POPPYSTOREY

Hi Lottie - Tell me about your support system. Who will be at home with you during treatment? I was a caregiver to my sister who was diagnosed at age 52. Praying that your tumor will shrink. Look for success stories! Look on YouTube for a guy Howard Young - John McCain award and also TGEN for their updated research. Success is out there- Look for it! I'm thinking about you!!

That’s such a kind reply to me. My sister is always there for me, so is husband. My daughter who’s 35 years old is wanting to help too, but at the moment all I can think about is my pain in my stomach where the tumour is and dying.I find myself crying a lot. Scared as I really really don’t want to pass away right now.

I haven’t found any happy stories, only sad, quick deaths which make me have anxiety diarrhoea or just cry all hours.

If anyone can send me links that would actually help me feel like stage 4 cancer in pancreas and now liver too, isn’t the end of my life, I’d really appreciate it.


By the way how is your sister now?

Lottie - look for Howard Young John McCain award on Youtube. Success story. There are a few out there. Look also for the research company called TGEN - working on a cure. Stay positive, eat as much as possible and I will pray that your tumor will shrink. Many people have had the whipple surgery. My sister passed away after a year of trying everything possible. Her tumor was on an artery and she was not able to have surgery. People have surgery!! Stay positive mentally, I know it's hard. I am so glad you have a great support team! Stay close to your family at this time. Let them help you with every little thing that you need! Hugs to you.

That’s what I Should be doing!! Reading Success stories, not "My brother has one year" and "my mum is dying"They all have devastating results with me, I am finding so hard to cope, I’ve an only child with concerning metal health issues and physical pain daily too. She’s going to feel so terrible when I’m no longer here.

This has to easily be one of the worst times in my life.

This morning I noticed a pain similar where my pancreas is except it’s the other side. I’m finding it difficult to walk, speak and if there was no hope of chemo in a months time, I’d be sure I’d be dying.

Why another place to hurt me?

I’m handling it really badly. Not upbeat at all, all miserable 😭 sadness this time I’m finding it so hard to be cheerful and positive.

Pains, all over, chemo in the distance, while others all seem to be coping well.

I’m not positive this last days, I really really want to be, but all I can see, feel and believe is it won’t be long. It’s inside me, GET IT OUT OF ME

A very normal feeling you are having. My husband has stage 4 prostate cancer. It's not curable. He wanted to have surgery - surgery was not an option. We have learned to live with cancer. I hope you can get help to control your pain. Stay comfortable and do the things you can do to make you happy !!

I totally agree with you and your husband.It’s a new feeling learning to behave like that. A sad diagnosis and just getting on with it.

Good luck with it all. Are they giving your husband any Chemotherapy?

My husband has had chemo 2x. He did not respond to treatment, unfortunately.

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