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5 years past whipple-what to do about omeprazole

I had a whipple procedure done after the discovery of a non-malignant tumor on my pancreas. After the procedure, I was told that I would need to take omeprazole morning and night, for the rest of my life. I have had gastroenterological issues and want to eliminate omeprazole from my routine, if possible, as I have read that long term, my likelihood of developing stomach cancer increases. I no longer live near my doctors and surgeons, but when I asked them what to do, they said I could eliminate omeprazole, if I had no acid reflex. btw, I have 2 other issues related to my whipple procedure: 1. because the procedure abuts the scar tissue from my c-sections, I have a tendency for blockage. Secondly, I found myself facing a $1500 renewal cost for my Creon. I am now using pancreatic supplements, and have been able to maintain my weight.

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Hi gailvan,

I do know that Omeprazole can have an affect on some people . I take 30mg Lansoprazole morning And night without any side effects. My pharmacist has had problems this week sourcing Creon 25000 and I have thought about a supplement. I am going to check this out.


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