chemo didnt work

I was diagnosed with PC in Feb this year and was lucky to go for a whipples op within 2 days of diagnosis. 6 months of chemo followed, with me being glad to finish it at the end of September. Apart from a recurrent pain in my left side, I felt well. I had previously been told that I wouldn't be routinely sent for a CT scan unless there were any symptoms. So I was quite taken aback when my consultant said I was to go for one to try to explain this pain that I'd been told for months was connected to chemo. I so wasn't expecting to be told that the chemo hadn't worked and that it had spread to the lining of my stomach. I was totally taken aback and didn't ask any questions. I am therefore in shock and dont have any answers to questions that my family and friends ask. I really dont know what lies ahead, other than a new course of chemo I'll be starting shortly.

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  • I'm not surprised you were not expecting to be told the chemo hadn't worked. How shocking that the hospital administering the chemo have left it more than 6 months to make the checks needed to see if it is working. Are you being treated in a hospital which has a specialist unit for PC?

  • yes my consulatant is a specialist in pc. everytime i mentioned the pain during my chemo i was told it was a side effect of the chemo. i have quite a solid mass just around my navel which i kept drawing their attention to, but again, it wasnt taken seriously until the pain got really bad. my consultants view is that there is no point in doing ct scans as a matter of course as its all about quality of life if it should return. basically i wouldnt have been any the wiser if the pain hadnt got so severe. im swinging between trying to be strong and acting like "business as normal" then bursting into tears when a thought pops into my head. just dont know where i stand

  • hi,l understand where your coming from our son age 39yr was told he has pc in june this yr hes finished chemo 5weeks ago, to be told the tuma hadent shrunk,it dident work,and would he like to have the hickman line put in for more server chemo,when he was told of side effects he decived not to go down that road,the othere opption is to have the chemo for 8wks 2xdays in hospital a wk,but they still dont know if it will do anything to the tuma,or not do anything and keep taking pain killers,what a terrible desition to make,there isent enough ct scans done,when our son had his first treatment of chemo he was told they gave him too much and its (weeked )his liver!!!!!!!! its heartbraking to see your son go through all this,we asked if they could take the pancreas out ,and remove the part of the liver thats been affected,but they said NO,if it was possible l would give our son mine,he carnt sleep at night theres so much thats going through his head,my heart goes out too you all,xxxxkeep posative

  • hi,l understand where your coming from our son age 39yr was told he has pc in june this yr hes finished chemo 5weeks ago, to be told the tuma hadent shrunk,it dident work,and its spred to his liver,we are in the same boat,keep stronge and positive xxx

  • sadly our dear son passed away 17 th dec. 7th/03/2011-17th/12/2011

  • Hi, so sorry to hear about your son passing away , it must have been a very difficult time for you over christmas . My mum has PC and is still doing ok on her chemo regime for the time being .

    I wish you and your family all the best and please accept my condolances , it's so difficult what to say at times like these , but everyone on thois site appreciates your support of them too .

    Love and best wishes Nessy x

  • Hi Vanessa,thankyou for yr message,it is very difficult,however we wish you and yr mum all the very best,l dont know you or yr mum but give her a big hug & yourself from me & my husband & daughter,were all wishing you all the very best,we know what yr going though keep thinking positive,

    love joan xxxx

  • I quess I have things wrong. I thought if u had the whipples op than your cancer would be gone because they actually remove it. I am so confused. My husband has been doing chemo and we are hoping the tumor shrunk enough to do the operation. we find out next tues. (Dec 13) But are you saying that it doesnt remove the cancer??? I read different articles on line and get so confused on all the different info..

  • Hi Miki

    Like you, I was under the impression that both the whipples and the chemo would be enough to see it off, but unfortunately there is sometimes microscopic cells still there. this doesn't happen all the time, I'm just one of the unlucky ones so please don't focus on this too much. I used to trawl the internet constantly, and there were so many conflicting stories, that you realise no 2 individuals are the same and no 2 cases go the same way. Its all down to luck. No more no less. Luck.

    I really hope all goes well for you and your husband.

  • Thank you

  • I am sorry to hear in the delay in sending you for a CT Scan but you were very lucky to be treated within 2 days of your initial diagnosis. My father was referred under the 48 hour rule by his GP on 5th August, he was seen at the hospital the next day for a consultation but then had to wait for an ultrasound scan until 26th September. That was not unclear due to "gas in the stomach" but showed possible liver cancer was present. He was sent for a CT Scan and was ultimately diagnosed on 17th October. Ten weeks after the "urgent" referral by his GP. Two weeks later he finally got to see a specialist who recomended chemotheraphy, unfortunately he had developed jaundice by this time so chemo was put on hold until a bile drain was inserted. My dad died before jaundice was under control. Possibly he would still be fighting if the ten weeks had not been lost but in actual fact he never received any treatment at all for his cancer!

  • Sorry, I hit the button to post before I'd finished. What I wanted to end with was the lesson I learned, too late for my dad, was never stop asking the doctors questions. If you are unhappy about anything then push and push. In hindsight we should never have let things ride for 10 weeks! Doctors do make mistakes, the system can overlook things or take a long time to grind through, no of that is deliberate, its just life, but we can get things through a bit faster if we push!

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