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New to this and scared

Hi everyone we have just been told today that my 78 yr old dad has pancreatic cancer and that there is also dark spots on his liver. The hospital is referring us to Manchester Royal Infirmary but have already been told it's incurable. Am in total shock. I know my dad won't have chemo to prolong it as he nursed my mum through breast cancer. Just hope he doesn't suffer too much.

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Hi there

So sorry to read this


Same here, I was told today my 74 year old dad has it. He's lost 3 1/2 stone in the last month. I don't know what his options are, hopefully we will find out tomorrow. He was going to the pub with his mates a month ago, it's all happened so suddenly. I don't think the prognosis is very good. Hope you are OK Eileen, and your dad doesn't suffer.


Hi Eileen so sorry to hear about your dad my husband who's 65 yrs was diagnosed on July with pancreatic cancer a ampulla tumour he had what they call a whipple op where they removed his pancreas gall bladder spleen bile duct part of the small bowel 30 lymph nodes which 5 were also cancerous they said it was all in the one area and they removed all the tumour they offered him 6months of chemo one day a week for 30mins for 3 weeks and a week off for what they called is belts and braces as a precaution he has only 3 chemo left he came through the operation very well was discharged just over a week later he was out in a wheelchair a few days after that but only sat in it for 15mins and then held on to it walking using it as a crutch the consultant could not believe he had been out walking so quickly I never had a district nurse since day one we were on our own but we managed together the only big problem we had was they usually leave part of the pancreas but in his case they had to remove it all which put him straight into type one Diabeteis which we had no knowledge about only regarding type 2 which he had for years before his tumour diagnoses again no district nurse came in we only had to phone the hospital diabetic team for advice and getting different people advising him with different advice to up or down the insulin as he injects himself 4 times a day but once we got a couple of appointments we grasped it ourselves to count the carbs he eats and take the insulin according to amount of carbs so have to weigh or check the packets for carb total amount as its one unit of insulin to every 10 carbs the chemo is taken its toll on him but everyone is different and some people who have been through the same are neither up or down with the chemo so sorry for going on but just wanted to let you know it's not as bad as we first thought at the time when you first get told and then all the organs that had to be removed I do hope I have gave you a bit of insight to our situation if I can help you in any other way or need some more answers to questions if I can answer them through our experience I will.

Take care love Heather


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