In memory of my father

My dad was diagnosed with this disease on the 16th November 2011 and he passed away on the 12th December 2011...before this we were very ignorant to the disease and I heard very little about it. When I found this website I realised just how bad this disease was and how disgusting that more money is not invested into it.

We are doing a sponsored tattoo of the ribbon to help raise some money and raise some awareness for the cancer and to raise some money to help the survival rate increase.

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  • Hi Rachael, you and us too, what an awful cancer it is, were all on this site to help and talk, my mum was diagnoised on September 11th 2011. No symptoms until it Is too late, which seems to be the norm, my mum is 68, and her prognosis is terminal too with secondaries on her liver, in a way I count myself very priviledged that mum is still here now, 3 months on, as some people don't even get that time, so I'm probably looking at my last Christmas with my mum, and yr looking at yr first Christmas without your dad, my thoughts are with you and yr family, please do all you can to raise funds for PCA, it's a great charity, and Ali Stunt is a Hero ! Shes been very supportive to my family, think of the good times, I know it's hard for you, but I'm sure he will be watching over you all ! Adele bosman

  • Hi Rachael , so sorry to hear about your dad , Iwas diagnosed 17th oct this year , i was given a terminal prognosis as the tumour is wrapped around 2 veins , i start chemo on the 16th jan , I was all too familiar with P/C as i lost my brother too it almost 3 years ago , as i am the second sibling we are thinking its gene related, and some of my family as enrolled on the EUROPAC trial in Liverpool as they are researching the genes and trying to identify them . It is the lowest funded cancer , which is appaling , as its one of the worst , members of my family are raising money , doing various things for research . Cafh x

  • Adele firstly I am so sorry about your mum's diagnosis. It's only now I've discovered how horrible this disease is. Dad was a big man and it broke my heart to see him lose weight and not be able to eat. When we were told he had secondary on his liver they said he could have chemo, however after a biopsy was done he was too advanced. He was offered a stent in his bile duct but this failed and he was left deflated. Even at this stage he was so weak. He passes away with us all around him, this is our blessing as one night when he was in his bed he asked to go to the toilet and when my brothers got him up he passed out. We were petrified and panicked and decided we needed to get him into the hospice. Thank god we didn't as he passed away just 2 days later. I can't believe aged 27 I am burying my dad. Please spend as much time wih your mum and let her know your there throughout, make Christmas special. I'm sure you will, please keep me updated on how she is. If you need any help please just ask. Xx

  • Cath I am so sorry over your diagnosis, especially as you've already lost your brother. My dad was offered chemo but they decided after a liver biopsy not to proceed, please take hope in the fact they will proceed wih chemo. I'm glad that they are doin trials as well and maybe somethin can finally be done. Please keep me updated on yourself. I am goin to do all I can do campaign and raise money and awareness. Xx

  • So sorry to hear your news. Your shock and surprise mirror my own family's experiences. We lost my dad in 5 weeks to a cancer we had never even heard of. Our thoughts are with you.

  • Thank you and I am also so sorry to hear about yor dad.. such a strange time and no time at all to even adjust to the cancer, thinking of you also x

  • Hello All, Could you advice me about how to contact Ali Stunt? Kind Regards

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