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Hi all when i got home after my 4 hour shift 6 am till 10 am my legs were very sore now after taking 2x 30\500 mg cocodamal and getting my tens machine and 4 blue padds on I am wired for pain and my legs now feel not as sore but just weak, and dont forget that for me this is a good day I just hope that the pain stays away for a wee while. Hope that you all have a good day as well.

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  • Nope, not been a great day for me....but am glad it has been for you....


  • Thanks Joe am sorry to hear that your day has not been a good one. Since my last post I have took another 1x100 mg of Pregabalin and I have turned up my tens machine. I am starting to feel tired and its only 18.15pm. So how has your day been then joe ?

  • Isn't it good when you get a bit of relief? I've had a good few weeks but the past few days have been not good, and today has been a bit of a pig. But nobody knows I'm in pain and I'm getting through it, so as far as I'm concerned I'm winning!

  • Teadrinker hi it would seem that the price to pay for less pain is a high one, as of tonight I am off the Pregabalin tablet as after a couple of month on my present dossage my stomach is roaring like a lion and my bowels are passing fluid.I will make an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow and I will then be put on a new pill. sometimes just sometimes life really sucks. Just now my legs are getting sore time for my Cocodamal 30x500 mg I think. I hope that you have some more good days shortly. Like you I dont tell anyone that I am in pain .

  • Life can be a bugger. Wishing you a good nights kip and a better day tomorrow.

  • Hi Ned thanks for that an I hope that you have a good one as well.

  • Hi pirate. What dose of pregabalin were you on before starting to come off it. The pain in your legs ,where is the primary pain area ? Does it originate in your lumber region,and have you been diagnosed and have a name for why you are having such pain. I am a 68 year old who after a long long time with calf and general leg pain plus severe lower back pain ,I had to tell my doctor that I would be in a wheelchair before long.had an MRI scan and yes I have spinal stenosis now on,pregabalin 200mg twice daily also naproxen,Tramadol . I feel the pain is no better and think I would like to come off the drugs and see if there is something else best wishes june

  • Hi I was on 2X100 mg after being off it for say 2 days I had to go back on it as the pain in my legs was back with vengance . Since november I had an MRI scan and nothing showed I was then sent to the Pain Clinic as my doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Pain Syndrome it was here that my medication Pregabalin was increased from 75mg up to 100mg x3 daily but I found this dosage was to much for me being tired and needing the toilet .I also got a Tens machine at the Pain Clinic so those and my Cocodamol 30x500 tablets help me get through the day. As I work part time as a cleaner I have often to come home and take my Cocodamol and go to my bed . Hope that you are having a good day.

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