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Pain Management for nerve pain.


What kind of pain management given for nerves affected by degenerative vertebrae and causing severe tingling to fingers and sometimes severe burning.This occures mainly when lying down. What treatment is given for this particular condition? I think it results from a type of spondylitis which has become much worse over last 4 years since first diagnosed 30 years ago.Thanks from any with experience or knowledge

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amitryptyline, gabapentin. and does a tens machine help?

Pregablin (Lyrica) can also be prescribed. This sounds like sciatica, which generaly results from compession on, or damage to, nerves in the lower back - as well as burning/sharp pain it can also create tingling, pins and needles, some nubness or loss of power in legs.

I hope you get some releif from this, it can be quite painful. Take care.

LouBoo in reply to stampede187

Hi my name is Jamil, my GP wants too discuss with me about Gabapetin/Pregabalin. i had in 2008 L5 S1 removed since then i,ve never been able to work, and employers finding stupid excuses to tell me that i dont have the experience for that role, knowing full well that i do which made them wanting too see me for interview.

i,ve been on Tramadol 200MG twice aday slow release, it has helped, but now its not doing much for me. So now starting too feel the burning stingy nerve pain in both legs.

Have you any advise you can tell me about, which could help me to be able too get back into work, ive ayoung family, and being the MAN its feels like i,ve know self worth.

Hi, I have the same condition and am taking co drydamol. Not fantastic but have tried many others but had horrible side effects. Amtryptiline is very good to ensure a good nights sleep but then takes me two days to come out of a " fog" so hardly use them. Sorry I don,t have any other advice, Ann



Amitryptalene, 25mg x2/4 night

Tens machine Pad A C2/4 PAD B on shoulder at rear four inches from pad A

Medicationns you will need some NSIDs and pain relief..

You will need to see the GP for your medications and the Tens, although latter can be purchased from BOOTS, or other chemist, or specialist company

Try BODY CLOCK on the internet they have some good machines.

If you have not seen the doctor you really need to see the GP so he can decide what to do

All the best


Have you seen a good physio? This could just be due to a swelling in the joints around the intervertebral discs. Given that it has come and gone over time and occurs when lying down suggests this is the case and thus postural so remedied with some manual therapy. Shame to go straight to drugs without trying simple things first. If anklosing spondylitis then a good NSAID would help with pain and diagnosis. Finally when pain free some simple exercises to keep best mobility. :)

I recommend physio, massage etc before trying meds. As its been so long there may be some compensation going on and its worth getting that sorted. And it will help with good posture too.

TENS is a bit hit and miss with nerve pain, it can either help or make it worse, but its worth trying.

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