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Too long in bed!

Last night I went to be after midnight as I had been listening to something on the radio. I didn't set the alarm, and found I'd slept for 12 hours. (We had also 'lost an hour' to Daylight Saving the night before, and it has been a busy few days at church.)

Unfortunately I woke up with severe pain in my buttocks and thighs, and in my shoulders and upper arms. I;m pretty sure this is PMR - roll on the blood test - I just hope it is positive.

I have to do some cage-cleaning now, which is likely to trigger my back as well. I just wish they could find an analgesic which actually works! I'm trying the full dose of gabapentin, but it usually has horrendous side-effects.

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Hi missrat have you ever tried Pregabalin if not ask your doctor if he or she would think a trial of them might help you. They did for me. Best of luck.


I tried them very briefly, but then our PCT ordered GPs not to fund them. With recent changes, it is possible that the pain clinic may prescribe them/


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