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Been on meds too long, time for a change?

Any advice or personal experience re meds. Have had lots of changes in past but signed off from pain clinic after last review of meds several months ago. They have been great but I think my body has become accustomed and meds no longer very effective as they used to help a lot.

Recent increase in sciatica wakes my during night and every morning. Have throughout day with only short periods of slight relief. General back pain increasing and permanent nerve damage putting me off movement even though I know I should move as much as poss. Lots of general muscle tension too.

Meds at present fentenal patch reduced months ago to 12mch/hr, domperidone 10mg x3 indometacin 50mg x3 methocarbamol 750mg x3 and up to 3 more as top up as required, omeprazole 20mg x1 paracetamol 500 x8 propranolol x 80mg x1

I really feel I want to reduce meds in general as they leave me fuzzy, sort of hangover without the night before, memory terrible and mental agility shocking.

Any suggestions on what to do next please?


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Pain Clinic. What you are talking about is what I have just had to do. I had got up to maximum doses of codeine with short courses of steroids as well (as I have an inflammatory condition causing the pain), and it just wasn't dealing with it properly. My GP finally agreed to refer me to Pain Clinic and it was the best thing that has happened for a while. I now have a list of several different things to work through with my GP, and some different strategies for medications (including having long acting injections into my painful spine).

Pain clinics aren't always wonderful for everyone, and I've heard some very mixed reviews, but if you get a good one, it makes such a difference.


I have chronic pelvic pain possible pudenal neuralgia which has caused sciatic pain. Lots of stretching of the bad leg, hot baths, I put a heating pad on it when I'm home. Also 10 mgs of flexaril a muscle relaxer before bed helps me sleep and help with the leg pain. Perhaps mention this med to your doctor. Stretching, walking, and healthy diet is crucial for my pain management.


Thanks juliansmom,

Hot baths and heat packs help me too, even though I need help getting out of bath, not a pretty site, lol but my diet is terrible just now. I don't have many foods which appeal and cooking spells make me quite sick and put me off. so lots of bland carbs and gone off fruit/veg too! Even when I am hungry I can only eat small amounts. Think it's down to meds but I was putting on weight poss due to eating too little and lack of mobility so trying hard to reduce bread and eat more whole grain foods. I know a healthy diet will make me feel better but really struggling just now. My family are being a great help and doing most of cooking so I'm lucky in that way.


Alternative therapies are wonderful. Try one at a time for a few sessions. If it works, carry on, if not try something else. Each will help different little problems, peeling away layers of pain until you have the core pain. Expect small flare ups the next day, our bodies don't like being prodded about and report back what you were having painwise as this is the basis for the next treatment.


Hi Zanna

Thanks for suggestion have tried a few and going back to do Bowen therapy in new year as soon as finances allow.


Hi Frame

I came off all medication a couple of years ago because I felt it wasn't doing any good and the side effects were worse, so I understand where you're coming from. I would suggest seeing a GP or pharmacist for advice on how to cut down or change medication, should you decide to do so, as just stopping it is not a good idea.

I find that exercise actually helps the pain and the muscle tension. Sitting still seems to make it worse, and although the exercise sometimes hurts it does at least give the tense muscles a good stretch. Even if all you can do is walk about the house a bit more than normal then you are doing something. There are exercise classes in some areas that your GP can refer you to, possibly even some chair-based exercise classes.

I've found physiotherapy helpful too.

I've just reluctantly gone back on regular medication to try to prevent migraines. So far I feel fine, but it's been a big decision to go back on the medicines again. I hope you get something sorted, even it takes a little while.


Thanks tea drinker, hope things improve for you too.


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