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Obtaining emergency Oramorph in a different city??

I've travelled to East Croydon with work from York and found I didn't put the lid on my Oramorph properly and it leaked all over my bag (and the train - eek).

I made an appt for next Monday to ask the doctor to give me a new bottle but I just checked the bottle in my bag and it is empty - I thought it had a bit left in it after it had leaked but there isn't. I'm overnight here tonight and then straight overnight Birmingham tomorrow before I go back home to York on Weds evening... is there a way I can ring my GP today to send a prescription to a GP here in Croydon I could colect? I take it at night to help my sleeping with Frozen Shoulder pain following stabilisation and rear labrum tear repair surgery.

Because I've spent 3 hours travelling with a heavy bag my shoulder is sore anyway and I'm frightened I will keep waking up in the night now which is when it's at its worst.

Has anyone had something similar happen before when they're in a new city and is there a way to get the prescription here?

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You could try a drop in centre or make an emergency appointment at a GPs (if you can find one with an appointment available).

I would suggest taking some proof that you are currently on oramorph as they may be suspicious regarding 'drug seeking' behaviour, but they could always call your GP and discuss.

Good luck.


Well I kept the bottle which I think has my name on it so that might help. I'm pretty sure it's online on our online System too which would help. I'm stuck in all-day meetings though so I've emailed my GP for some advice and hoping to get chance to ring them as soon as I can to see what they could advise I can do!


I managed to ring my GP! They advised to find a GP and register as a temp patient and if worse comes to worse my home GP can fax a prescription across to a pharmacy here - phew! Thanks guys - now resolved (or at least it will be!)


Glad it's sorted.

Have fun in Birmingham (sunny here today!).



My GP rang me back as they realised because it's a controlled drug they couldn't fax a pharmacy. I had booked us into the wrong hotel so by the time we found the right one it was quarter to 7 and everywhere was shut! I've contacted a couple of GPs in central Birmingham to see if one could squeeze me in this afternoon. Last night was awful, felt like I woke up every hour because my shoulder had stiffened. :'-(

If worse comes to worse I might see if there's a private GP and pay for an appointment. Ugh!!


Which part of Birmingham are you in? I ran out of pregabalin not long ago and went to a drop in centre. I was very apologetic but the doctor I saw said not to be silly and that is exactly what they are there for. Don't know if it is different for controlled drugs but I don't think so. They would be able to give you a script on the spot I'd have thought.

Here's a list of local ones (I went to the south Birmingham one).


Thanks that's kind I'll have a look at those. I'm not sure, I think because it's morphine based they're iffy about random prescriptions. The GPs in Birmingham won't see me because "they don't accept temp patients". Why is it so hard to sort this out!!


I always thought you could see any GP in 'an emergency' but may be wrong.

I agree that they may be 'iffy' with prescribing morphine but that doesn't mean they can't! As your own GP is being helpful they can always call them to check you aren't just seeking opiates.

I'd still suggest a drop-in centre - no appointment needed you just have to wait (depending on the time of day etc). I went on a Saturday morning (busy!) and waited about an hour which I thought was pretty good.


Hi..... your doctor should be able to do an electronic prescription and send it to a pharmacy near you.... exactly the same happened to me with oramorph when I went on holiday with my children to Cornwall.... 9 hours drive away from my usual place.... I rang them and a doctor rang me back, found a local pharmacy to where I was and sent them an electronic prescription ( which most do now) and it was sorted.... they can't fax it because it's a controlled drug but they can send it by electronic prescription straight to the nearest pharmacy.... I hope this helps! I know it's dreadful when you can't get on top of the pain but they should be able to do that for you easily.... best wishes and I hope it's gets sorted for you xx


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