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I have Parkinsons which affects the right hand side of my body. I occasionally get problems with my back and right leg. However, about a week ago I got very bad pain in my back, running down my leg into my knee. The pain was so severe it was almost unbearable. My knee was so painful that no painkillers touched the pain. It was so painful that it caused me to shout out. Like daggers in my knee.

This continued for a few days, but has eased now. I believe sciatica has similar symptoms and I would be grateful for any comments you can give me. After one bout, I expect I can look forward to more episodes. Typically, it has eased just in time for my appointment with my GP/

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Hello Court,

My tendons and joints in the knee are osteoarthritis, it all depends where the pain is, sciatica

comes from the buttock down side of leg and generall transmits to about 4 inches from outside part of knee or so that what happens to me all people are different, caused by trapped nerves, are there pains in knees or at rear or around knee. All problems we have are so individual to all of us it is very difficult.

All the best



Hello Court, just wondering if it could possibly be a bit of cartilage problem, have you had knee problems before? Maybe you twisted the knee, and there has been a bit of a tear or small breakage of the cartilage, this would bring on sudden very sharp pain. Hope your Dr. can help, and you do not get a recurrence.

Take care



It maybe you have a disc problem in your back. That caused bad sciatica pain which I thought would subside but it wouldn't. I'd ask your GP to refer you for a muscular Skeletal assessment by experienced Physios. They can work wonder. You may also be prescribed a variety of pain meds to help cope with it.


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