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drugs and more drugs I rattle :)

Went for a drug review yesterday and because I said the gabapentin didn't seem to be working any more..he upped my dose lol. So now I take 2 3 times a day ,along with dicloflanic,and cocodomal when needed. I really do feel like a druggie lol. We will see if it helps any . I have physio on the 8th which is also the date I am starting a new job..hope they don't mind,got it as late as I could. Nerve pain is a real pain to treat but its even harder to live with. My blessing is I don't have anything worse.

Have a good day folks ,it is Friday :) love and hugs jan x

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Hi Jan, that's still a very small dose of can still get put up to 9 a day, which was what I was on last summer, along with diclofenac and cocodamol... This was only as my condition was severe, looks like your not as bad as that...

Good luck with the new job...



Hi i'm pretty good really :) they say pain is relative to individuals what is too much for one is ok for another..thats why I count my blessings . Thank you its part time but that's all I want


Hi Jan

Good luck with your new job.

Hope physio can help.I got 'signed off' with them said I needed to go all the time and it would cost too much! Having said that OA can't be put right just controlled.

Like others I seem to take increasingly stronger and stronger drugs + 2/3 others to counteract side effects.

Taking 6-8 Tramadol a day as well as NSAIDs. What comes after that?

Also have been given a few Diazapam to help with back spasms, luckily not too often as pain is excruciating and I am reduced to crawling to get about.

Off to GP on Wednesday to ask about a painful boney lump on the top of my foot, which seems to be pressing on a nerve.

That's the moans for today - but it is good to be able to let off steam.

Thanks for reading this !!


Hi grandmamc :) I didn't get on with tramadol so had to go gabapentin ,after this lot next step can be morphine products after that who knows. Myself I don't any more most of us I limit my drugs and try and manage pain..but as we know its very hard. good luck at gps


Anyone else get very spacey on tramadol? I take it when I can't bear the pain anymore, just need a break from it, and although it doesn't get rid of the pain, it des take the edge of it and make it more manageable. BUT I can't function well on it. I can't drive, or take it on days I'm at work cos my brain won't work well enough! Makes me way too spacey.

My question is- will I get used to it? If I take it often will I get less spacey and more able to function?


Hi Im on copious amounts of drugs.




Oxycodone 20mg x2 daily reduced from 40 x daily

Gabapentin up to 3600


So please dont worry about becoming a junky, Im now on the list for my second lot of facet and sacro-illiac joint and groin injections the 1st lot were very painful but extremely effective and lasted around 9mths and I was in process of reducing meds when I did the splits downstairs and that put paid to that.

That happened April 2012 and I am now finally being treated after being passed from pillar to post, so not happy.

Fingers crossed these help.

Good luck to you all


forgot Im also on tramadol


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