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Recovery ...a long process!

I had a major hip operation last year. Then 4 weeks ago I had a tendon lengthing both feet.

I went back for my three week review and they took the plasters casts off ...complete agony. I am now back in casts and more or less comfy. Walking splints will help as well when I come out of cast...just frustrating! It takes a while but I'm in it for the long run and my surgical team are excellent. GP's practice excellent dr who I have a good relationship with... Having a disability and set backs isn't easy but life is for living!!! I graduate from uni in June and this year is going to be a good one. Positive attitude all the way.

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You need to get through any negative thoughts here you seem young and have many years of activity left you need to accept that you will have a holiday from your hectic life

All the very best keep a hold



Good luck with everything!!!!


You sound like you've had some very big operations so it'll take your body a while to recover, but you've got a positive attitude. AND you're studying as well - there's not many people can go through all that at once.

Good luck


Positivity, and focusing on the bigger picture is the way forward with any problem, not just disability or illness.

I came accross a photo on facebook. Its a rabbit whose back end has been damaged. It can't use its back legs anymore and has some kind if trolley attachment so it can use its front legs to walk.

It lives in the childrens hospital in Israel, and wanders about the wards. It's main job is to teach and show the children that injuries and disabilities don't stop you living, it may make some things harder and you may need equipment to help you, but you can still live a happy life.


Thank you, rcwallace21, for such an encouraging and positive outlook, I wish you well in the future. It is all too easy for those of us who are older to become discouraged when life seems hard and we are not making the progress we would like, but you have cheered me on today and re-focussed my thoughts.

Also, thank you, Zanna, for your story of the rabbit, what a wonderful idea to encourage the children - and all of us!



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