Does Electrical power lines directly affect fibromyalgia sufferers?

I live near an electrical pylon, the cables run directly over my house. I have found in the 18 months I've lived here that my Fibro-myalgia has got much worse. I believe the close proximity of these power lines is the cause of my deterioration, I am having to increase my intake of pain relief and have found the insomnia that goes with FM has become very pronounced. I hardly sleep at all. I would be interested to know if there are any other FM sufferers experiencing the same problems.

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  • Hello

    I do not have your complaint, although I am one of the members in pain

    Twenty years ago we had the chance of buying a cottage in a countryside area, one problem was a HT line crossing over the house, or near by.

    At that time we looked into this and we came to the conclusion that the lines can cause cancer, still not positive although we could here the line crackle when we were near to it.

    At that time I was getting worse health wise and we heard the reports bthat where going around. We did not persue. In an ideal world I would not want to live there as I used to be an electric engineer before a forcefull disabled retirement. I hope that this helps. Where I live now our electricity is fed by overhead LHT line some housed have shielding on their eves, yellow covers in case they are hit. I hope this helps you.

    All the very best


  • I have heard of this esp leukaemia. I guess any elctromagnetic interference wiht the body can cause anything. personally I would not live near power lines nor junction boxes etc.

  • I recently moved into a lovely apartment without realising how close the building is to an electrical substation. Although the lines run under the building, rather than over, I can feel the whole building 'swimming', rather like being in a lift. At first I thought that I would have to move but strangely I have become accustomed to the wavy feeling!

    As far as my pain is concerned, I can't honestly say that it is any worse than before, although I do feel more 'spaced out' than previously.

    I have no idea if this will help at all

  • Hello cobweb,

    Spaced out sounds good what do you take, as long as it is not induction

    All the very best


  • I have a similar, yet quite different experience. I have not yet been diagnosed with FM, but have many of the symptoms. My question about electricity is, can someone with FM affect electricity? I have noticed a weird connection to electricity. For example, we had a computer esy back when the Internet was just beginning and you had to hook up through your land line phone. The computer was struck by lightening, and after that, I was the ONLY person in my family that could get it to connect to the internet. Also, as I near streetlights, they either come on or go off as I approach. A friend mentioned she had heard this cpmplaint before, and asked if I had FM, because the person who told her these same complaints did have FM. HELP?

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