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Have to get a Brain MRI, Should I be worried?

Was at a appointment with the head physio at my local hospital today....

This was a review that I have been waiting on since Nov/Dec 2012... Am wishing now I hadn't !!!

She had me doing various movements on many parts of the body... well, she didn't get the result that she should off got...what she got was very poor...

So she wants me to organise a MRI through my GP...

I have noticed over these last few months of a slight degeneration of my condition...

Should I off said something sooner?

You, comments are much appreciated...


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with regard movement of parts of the body I find that if I move them regularly then the pain levels seem to remain fairly the same but as soon as i stop when I next move that part the pain levels definitely go up. At the moment I am finding the sitting time is getting worse, by this I mean if I sit more than 15mins then I find it agony to move and to walk.

This I will tell the Doc next time I see him just so there is a record of what is going on.

With regard the MRI have no fear I had one years ago and they said there was nothing there so don't worry.

Please do not take my joviality as belittling but I find worrying tends to make me stiffen and everything physically gets worse, so when I am at my worst I try to be lighthearted and jovial as it does help slightly (I hope).

Take care and Kindest regards.



Hello Joe

Now that you have had your tests on the MRI you are now in a location where you need to move along an alternative path, you are where you are and need to continue along this path. to its conclusion, remember it may be not as bad as you are feeling now, and you need to be positive, you are now where you are, it is not worth saying what if.

Get the tests done and out of the way as soon as possible, it is no use looking back now look forward, do you need some support to live in your home to make life easier. You can always get support here.

All the very best




Don't worry about the MRI. I've had 3 now (two of my brain, one of my neck). My brain scans were to rule out anything serious and were done to reassure the doctors. The neck one was to give them a better idea of what my problems were so that they could provide the most effective treatment. I think it was sensible to have them done on each occasion.

It's always daunting having to wait for investigations and results. You just have to get on with things as normally as possible in the meantime, and don't imagine the worst.


Ive had at least 5 or 6 over the last 5yrs, with having probs with many discs....

It's not getting the MRI thats bothering me, it's the scary fact of which one they are doing...

Never had this area MRI before...

With what's been going on with me over the last few mths, with the degenerative changes, am probably worried that they may find something there that shouldn't be...

Will phone GP this morning, to ask him to organise the MRI...

Thanks guys



Over the years have had several MRI scans, tell them to put heavy metal on the speakers and enjoy the rest.

Seriously do not worry you will be ok and when done it will put your mind at rest all tests are alarming. My last scan found some grey matter missing, still looking for it, i think the dog got it

All the very best, Keep taking the tablets Joe



Take the tabs....fxxx I rattle....pmsl...


"So she wants me to organise a MRI through my GP... " I find this strange. My GP had to send me to a NHS physio who then ordered a MRI scan.

Sounds like I want the PCT to pay the bill not the hospital.


Ye, feel am getting passed about as usual...totally had, is none of these so called health professional willing to go out on a limb and help folk...obviously's to much too ask, after all wee only paid our taxes for makes you wonder...

I just feel that GP's like to be in control, it's what they say goes... Nae wonder things are falling apart...



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