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Dreaming, or not, how do you know?

I usually remember my dreams. Twice within 3 weeks I have had an experience when I have been asleep. I become paralysed, feel numbness and heaviness all over my body, really struggle because I want to shout out for help. My heart rate and breathing increases. All in all, its not pleasant, but is it a dream or is it actually happening? I don't know how long it lasts but I feel very awake and in the moment while it happens. It also takes quite a while for my breathing and heart rate to return to normal. The numbness and heaviness take a while to wear off too.

I do have periods of numbness, pins and needles as part of my condition, and when it first appeared, it affected my whole body. It is something that could happen to me

Any dreams I do have, I'm running, cycling, climbing and doing all the things I can't do now but used to. They are happy. There is no anxiety or negativity. I watch myself like a film, and don't feel anything, no change in heart rate, breathing or muscle ache.

Which is why I'm a bit confused as to whether these experiences are real or not. And how do you find out?

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Gosh hard to see could be a physical thing or a panic attack/ anxiety or even both x


This is something called 'sleep paralysis.' You might like to look at this page: nhs.uk/Conditions/Sleep-par... Part of the brain is still functioning as it does in REM (dreaming) sleep, while part is already awake and aware, so it is pretty scary but, fortunately, not dangerous.



hi. you could be hallucinating, (a cause of medication) this happens to me a lot, i go along with it, and quite enjoy the experience. take care.


I don't take medication regularly, although I was on some strong stuff for about 3 months recently. So it could be that. Now I know its nothing to worry about, I'll try and relax and let it happen, if nothing else its blocking the usual pain out while its happening.

Thanks everyone for all your comments, all have been helpful.


There is something called "sleep paralysis". As missrat says it is scary when you experience it. I have had this a few times. My experience is that I cannot move.

It is worth while talking to the GP about the numbness and the heart racing. This could be your panic or it could be something else.


i have many of the problems named above. I suffer from narcolepsy from which I experience, all of the

neurological symptoms ; night mares, night terrors as well as frequent common dreams. i experience

paralysis while awake, and when asleep. I have fallen out of bed as I react to activities in the dream. I have

a fatigue which I think is brain problem. I take Nuvigil , which is effective when i do not want it to be, such

as, late at night when I want so sleep. I used to take it at 3:00 a.m. hoping for the effect to take place

when I must at up 7:00 or 8:00. But Nuvigil does nothing for my fatigue. when I am awake I am still tired

I also have spinal stenosis of the neck and the lumbar areas. Because of these I suffer pain and other

sensations all over my body. Heard of double hearing , My doctor does not know much about it and along

with that, there is dry eyes. I say that it is because of crying so much when I was young. but I do not cry

now, there are no tears. I also think that all my problems are relate and all from a disordered brain

functioning. I do pray that tramadol is not taken from us. I believe that the (person{s}} making these

decisions, will tempt to fine out the fact , I have taken tramadol for years, and has not experienced any

of the negative reaction spoken of; on the other hand, I have had some with gabapentine each time I take it. These lasts for a few minutes. Normally, I take pain killers at night, that is when pain is so bad that I

can not sleep. I have not become addicted to this drug. often I forget to take it daily as I should do,

but take it when I am in dire pain. This one is good for me, and I hope government will not interfere

with it. People (Gov.) are always trying to fix that which does not need fixing.




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