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How do you cope with GERD attacks and gall bladder pain and what on earth do you eat?!

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When originally diagnosed with a hiatus Hernia and GERD (don't even remeber being diagnosed with gall stones as they weren't causing any problems) the painful attacks used to be few and far between and were just that...painful.

Fast forward a few years, attacks are generally hours of pain, sweating and vomiting. They're also happening most days. I've seen the Dr and have dates for my endoscopy (to ensure my hiatus hernia hasn't worsened) and to see the upper GI surgeon, still waiting for dates for a barium swallow and ultrasound (the referal was only done on Monday so I'm pretty impressed to have 2/4 already!) but with a holiday fast approaching I'm in desperate need for any hints or tips for coping with it, and meal ideas that are as fat free and bland as possible and also vegetarian!

My Dr has switched me from omeprazole to lanzoprazole and has prescribed buscopan. I often take gaviscon dual action (tho it doesn't seem to do much?!)

Thanks guys!!

11 Replies
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Hi Mistee

I had similar symptoms several years ago, got to the stage where I was sick and in agony every time I ate. Diagnosed with h pylori and had antibiotics etc but made no difference.I really thought at the time I'd never be able to eat normal food again! Endoscopy found I had a hiatus hernia, probably caused by excessive vomiting, and a scan showed several gallstones. Had keyhole surgery to remove these and was told my gallbladder was the worst infected the 2 surgeons had seen. Happily after these were removed after 2 attempts (1 stone was stuck in a bile duct) I have had no problems with it since.

As far as food goes I found beetroot and potatoes manageable, tastes nicer than you might think. Also drank milk. Another combination I could eat was corned beef and beetroot sandwiches in small amounts. This was something I had eaten during my 3rd pregnancy during which I had morning sickness for 8 months. Anything bland and non acidic might be worth a try in small amounts.Have to say it was great to be able to eat tasty food again, which I could manage the day after the gallbladder/stones were removed. Good luck and hope you get the treatment you need very soon.

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Mistee in reply to emerich

Oh I loooove milk but for some reason I just can't handle it when it all kicks off. I generally can't eat white bread though, can't even breathe when I try normally but at the minute white toast is all I'm living on! Well that and boiled white rice (bleugh) and fat free cottage cheese on cream crackers (yum!) basically all the stuff I wouldn't normally be able to manage!

Might give the Beetroot a try though, thanks!

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When I was suffering before the surgery oddly enough opal fruits (nowadays called something like star burst) really helped. No idea why but they did, wish I had found that out sooner. Not saying your diet should solely consist of them but worth a try when you get the pain.

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Mistee in reply to mle121

I can totally see that with the opal fruits, think I'll buy a big bag of them in the airport lol!

Before my pain got this bad I couldn't handle milk during an attack but could easily handle a glass of orange juice which everyone told me to avoid! All I can manage at the minute is white toast which I wouldn't normally be able to swallow!


I have Zoton Fastab orodispersible lansoprazole. Prescribed by the ENT Consultants as I also have Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and suffered acid damage to parts of the throat and top of the Oesophagus.

The ENT Consultants also highly recommend Gaviscon Advance (peppermint ) after main meal and at bedtime. They say this is better than the other Gaviscon.

Is it projectile vomiting? Could you have slow motility? Is there any constipation or irritable bowel symptoms?

Do you drink plenty of water? Try a glass before and after meals. First drink of the day and last. Do you make your own soup? Boil any root vegetables - potato, swede, carrot , sweet potato add salt & pepper to taste and blend. Lentil soup or pea soup. Both simple if you've the patience to stand and stir while waiting to boil then simmer for about 30 minutes. Porridge with added fine Oat bran made with water or skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

You could try Bicarbonate of soda when symptoms bad but not around the same time as your Lansoprazole or Gaviscon.

I buy Foxes Glacier Mints and Fruits which help when I can't eat. Pepsi sometimes (proper Pepsi not Diet or Max).


I also have numerous Gallstones but there was no sludge. Last scan was years ago though. Did you have an abdo Ultrasound scan previously? Do you know the size of the Gallstones or if there is any sludge?

When was your last Barium Swallow? I can't have endoscopy due to narrowing in throat. Had several Nasendoscopes but the tube is much narrower!

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Mistee in reply to Mary-intussuception

Thank you, my last endoscopy and scans were a few years ago, I had 1 large stone but it wasn't causing any obstructions and there were no blockages or sludge so nothing needed doing about it and my symptoms were more in line with the hernia and Gerd than gall stones. It's really just been over the last few months that it's worsened and more so again over the last couple of weeks.

Ended up in A&E on Sunday night as I finally agreed with my husband and best friend that it was too much to deal with on my own. I was stupidly trying to put off seeing a Dr until after my holiday 😖 typically it was starting to ease off by the time I got there and it's only 10mins up the road!! I came away with lanzoprazole and referrals for my 1st ever barium swallow, another endoscopy, another ultrasound and and consultation with an upper GI surgeon with a view to between 1-3 ops in 1 surgery.

I try to drink a lot of water as I know I don't drink anywhere near as much as I should. I'm kind of finding my way with food at the minute (all things bland and white) so I'm trying to figure out the best things to do to ease my suffering during an attack

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Mary-intussuception in reply to Mistee

Try sipping Bicarbonate of soda in warm water. Will help an attack.

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Mistee in reply to Mary-intussuception

Thank you, I'll get some and give it a go!!!

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Mary-intussuception in reply to Mistee

It has so many uses, we always keep a small tub in kitchen cupboard & have a little in a small jar upstairs in bathroom.

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Avoid drinks containing aspartame,I've recently discovered aspartame makes my gerd really bad.

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Thanks, after months of regular horrific pain and tests I've apparently not got GERD, my weight loss has improved my hiatial hernia and all the problems I've been having this year are caused by my gall bladder which I'm now on the waiting list to have removed!! Litterally can not wait for this, I'm currently on my settee recovering from another attack 🙈 although I'm not looking forward to the liver reduction diet I have to do for a week before surgery 😱

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