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Cortizone injections, and non steroid anti inflamitory tablets. Do they cure you, or just relieve the pain, leaving you with side effects,!!

My story,

I was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 44. most of my joints were involved, including fingers toes shoulders neck spine, i was always in pain and was only to pleased to take the non steroid tablets to reduce the swelling, and looked forward to the hospital visit every 12 weeks to get the maximum dose of 3 Hydro Cortizone injections. Having to tell the doctor where i wanted the injections, each time, as i had so many sites needing attention.

At this time i was gettin lots of side effects from the tablets especially involving my stomach. I was on invalidity benefit and was having treatment for about 4 years. no cure.

Then i was called in to a NHS medical assessment unit , and given a very severe examination and grilling, regarding my condition, The doctor was encourageing me to lift my arms above my head, " come on you can do it " he was encourageing me, well the only way i could lift my arm was to use the other arm to lift it higher, resulting in a grinding of the bones in my shoulder, stop stop thats enough, was my doctors response. The doctor at this point sat me down and it most refreshing, he told me the truth. This is what he said, " The cortizone injections and the non steroid anti inflamitory tablets will not cure you, they will only relieve the pain, and you will end up in a wheel chair, in a very short time ".

The news was devastating, and when i heard of a cure for my artritis, i embraced the method with enthusiasm. it was very simple. i read a book, by Dan Dale allexander, Called Arthritis and common sense, which involves taking Cod liver oil, well i did exactly what the book said and i was cured in 6 months, all my arthritis had gone, i could even lie in bed on a morning without pains running down my legs from the base of my spine.

I even applied for and was given a job with the largest telecoms provider in the country, and worked there until i was almost 70, until being made redundent. I am now of an age that i am eligable to recieve a free tv licence this year, and have not had any prescribed medecine for a number of years, Cod liver oil is a problem, haviny heard, that some manufacturers use the oil from the skin of the cod, and that there are lots of nasties heavy metals etc in the oil, having myself used the oil off and on over the years, i have discoverd Carlsons cod liver oil, filterd lots of times and guaranteed free from all impurities, it is expensive, as i pay £45 including postage from Amazon.

I hope this post is of help to readers,

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Hi Athirtyniner1,

Thank you for your uplifting story, I am happy that you had this amazing recovery, and for sharing it with us.


There is no real cure just an alleviation of symptoms. I bring up cod liver oil in around 45 seconds after taking it. Virol etc all tried out. I am also allergic to NSAIDS and anything containing aspirin which they are made of basically.

Point is nothing fits all and this is the problems for arthritis can be different for everyone. I have RA OA fibro and osteoporosis. My remedy is Tai chi and massages. I teach tai chi and yes my knees are very inflamed as are my hands, shoulders etc but I can at least keep it at bay.

I am glad for you. It is a pity it does not help everyone and neither does my tai chi or massages.


Hi Skeggy, The method of taking the cod liver oil is as follows. 3 hours after food, on an empty stomach, take 2 table spoons of full cream homogenized milk, and 1 table spoon of Carlsons cod liver oil, in a small screw top jar (baby food jar) shake to emulsify. after consuming do not drink ant liquids for 3 hours. or consume food for 1 hour.

Freshly squeezed orange juice, filtered to take out the " bits ", can be subsituted for the milk.

How does it work ?

When the emulsion is consumed on an empty stomach, it is absorbed into the blood stream, where it is conveted to a D vitamin (either D2 or D3 not sure which) this D vitamin produces synovial fluid, this fluid lubricates the joints, and has lots of other benefits including healthier skin, hair, nails, and probably lots of other benefits not noticed.

I hope you can take the oil using one of these 2 methods, and good luck to you for the future having expieranced arthritis i do feel concerned for you.



NO. My GP tried to find me some fat he called ready digested to try and get some fat into me. He found it was made of milk and so refused to give it to me in case I had another anaphylaxis attack I take enzyme capsules to digest most foods and also have coeliac disease not discovered for 50 years. not a misprint. Was ill from 1944 to 1994. I am left with vast malabsorption problems. Can't have wheat, rye, barley, yeast, dairy foods inc butter and beef, nuts cos of the fat, pineapple, onions, herbs, spices and so on. Food is plain and tasty. Point I was trying to make is that one diet does not suit another and people really have to work things out for themselves. I qualified after NHS finally proving my illness...after a trip abroad to friends an ND and have a PhD for Immunology on my 60th birthday. Also started with a BA in Medical Studies. My GP said "that whatever I had wrong I was doing the right thing. after draining my arm of blood...well it felt like it.


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