Has any one done the COPE Programme offered by NHNN and if so, what was your experience?

Just had a very bizarre telephone conversation with one of their pain management staff about whether or not it would suit me (this despite having previously had 2 face-to-face interviews, attending an introduction session & being offered a place last year that I was not able to take up).

I am wondering if it is worth pursuing the programme as an option. It seems that you cannot be having any sort of "intervention" (physio etc) in order to be eligible.

Just wondering if anyone had done this particular programme and found it of use. I did an 8 week "Expert Patients Programme" a couple years ago that was a complete waste of time.


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  • Sorry to be so ignorant but could you explain what the abbreviations mean? Then I might be able to answer!

    Paton x

  • I did not spell out the abbreviations on the assumption that, if you had indeed done this particular course, you would recognize the acronyms yourself.

    I am looking for opinions of this one, specific course, not pain management courses in general.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Done expert patient course, have not heard of COPE by NHNN will check out for my own enquisitiveness

    Or could you explain please


  • Well I have just checked this one the NHNN is the NATIONAL hOSPITAL FOR NEUROSURGERY AND NEUROSURGERY. located in London, COPE is their pain management courses that cover from cancer through to facial pain and all in between, They use holistic methods that are incorporated in pain management.

    If you can get onto their course go for it. Not knowing your condition it may be helpfull


  • I've attended COPE (Centre of Pain Education) at Sutton Hospital. They're the longest running pain management course. They have a nurse, psychiatrist and physio. I have found the course helpful. BUT it has not taken my pain away. They have helped me understand my pain and helped me with "tools" to help cope with it. I still hurt and some days can be good, some bad but I see my pain differently now. I did the expert patients programme online and I too found it somewhat of a waste but I thing that was because there was no one there to treat you as an individual. We're all different and therefore each of our Approaches to pain ei be different. There are so many factors that affect our pain, it's not just cut and dried!!! I don't know if this one is the same as the one you may attend but I think it may be very similar. Although the course will only be as good as the people teaching it and the people at Sutton Hospital are incredible!!!

  • Thanks for that. This COPE is "Changing the Outcomes of Pain Experiences" (a pretty tortured acronym).

  • Thank you for explaining initials. Would love to know if anyone in Scotland has experienced COPE?

    Paton x

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