HI! I was wondering if anyone has attended the groups arranged by the Pain Association and if so did they find them off benefit?Thanks

I have had fibromyalgia for several years however this last 18 mths it has become increasingly worse despite using a multiple of interventions and it is having more negative impact in my life.I was hoping a support group might give me more confidence and help me see issues regarding my pain more objectively.

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  • They are good. Although for me Tens made me worse.

  • Have you managed to get on a pain management course? I felt they gave me the understanding and tools to feel more confident about living with the pain, Of course I have to do the work. More easer than said on most days. But I agree I would love to belong to a support group. I think of this site as a support group. it has helped me I skip in and out at least once a week.

  • Thanks Nedd for your reply and I agree since recently joining this site it has given me support and I do not feel alone particulary when I have a bad day.Have not been on a pain management course but I am hoping the structured topics in this group will provide me with beneficial interventions.I have been a nurse for twenty yrs though as known we make the worse patients and never follow advice we would give others and for me I have to accept it is not a sign of weakness asking for help.Will keep you all posted on progress.

  • been to pain management programme 6 to 8 weeks it is very useful and helpful you will benefit from it you have to get referred from physio

  • Thanks conor for replying it was useful in enabling me to make a decision and I have decided to give it a go and attend the group as I am finding it harder to self manage my pain causing me increased frustration .

  • I have done the pain clinic and found it very good there was a lady much like yourself with the same condition as yours and she worked at a doctor surgery as a receptioninst thay advised her to pace herself in the working day so at work she has a couch in her office and she can lie down if she needs to and still do her job. Your Doctor is the one to send you ask him and keep on to him it is very good. Take Care and good luck

  • Thanks colboy for your reply.It is good you found help at pain clinic.My work has given me some allowances that to pace myself however when work is busy it is hard to utilize those interventions and as supportive some as my colleagues are ,I feel there is possibility of resentment often.Regretably my new GP who I have due to having to move location appears to be ignorant to chronic pain management.He despite request from NHS Occ Health DR has refused to refer me to pain clinic.So thats why I considered pain association support group.Despite working in NHS for over 20 yrs I am very cynical in relation to quality of care provided in certain areas.Take care all the best.

  • I find it unacceptable that your GP has refused to refer you to Pain Clinic! Wha reason did he give ? You could ask to see the Pain Consultant privately if you can afford it. After assessing you, he might take you into his NHS system. I know it's a bit wrong but we chronic pain sufferers have often waited quite long enough thank you!

  • I did one in my area, it was for 6wks....it was interesting, but I found out that it was things that I knew, but you would never of thought of using them on a daily basis.

    We all know that we shouldn't do too much on a daily basis, but yes we do. To me it's just a case of being in control of what you want to do, try to enjoy life.

  • I agree with what you are saying it is about keeping control and I try to enjoy my life to the full but get frustrated like at present when just when I am getting back on track and being positive then another flare up occurs and I feel caught in a vicious circle and the pain drags me down.I have been a nurse for long time and have the knowledge of my condition and interventions. I think that a group however would give me more objective opinions and peer support from people who suffer from chronic pain and reduce the isolation I feel on bad days.Thanks I appreciate your answer and despite the way I am feeling now I am looking forward to my first meeting and feel positive about it.Take care.

  • Nice to be of some help. Keep the chin up....

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