Can barely stand or walk

Has anyone here had severe pain were you can barely stand or walk due to pain. I now do everything sitting down dishes,brush teeth,sweep floors etc. Even that brings on pain. The best relief is laying down. I was one of those very active people at 57. My grandchildren who are 6 and 7 now help me. I use my mom's walker to help me when I take bus. Just got an MRI sunday

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  • A lot of us on here can relate to how your feeling. Hopefully the MRI results Will show the problem so that any treatment needed can start sooner rather than later giving you some relief from pain. Let us know how it goes. X

  • Thank you. Just waiting for results of mri

  • In the same boat. I called the hospital a lot until i got my results. Hope you get some relief soon x

  • Just found on from emg that I have mild nerve damage L 5 spine. Doctor said usually with this its not a lot of pain. She upped my pills cause she is afraid of leg damage from not walking properly due to extreme pain. Still waiting for mri results. I feel like I'm floating now but it feels nice. Not sure if its helping pain yet

  • Hi I know how you feel its a struggle for me too. Is the pain in any particular area on your legs, back or any pins and needles?

    I hope they find the problem and sort it out, it is awful to be in constant pain. But it sounds like you have some lovely grandchildren that you can be proud of x

  • My whole leg up to knee. But it subsides a bit when I sit. What is all wrong with you

  • My leg problems stem from when I was bitten abroad I had an infection on an infection and got Guillain barre syndrome this attacks and damages your central nervous system. That stays dormant with me but flares up when I get a virus. But I've also got a function disorder. My legs from the knees down are weak and painful. I can't walk unaided and my legs can stop at any point. I can't move my toes or arch my feet and walking I am dragging my legs along. Its a right royal pain, and I feel like a grandma but Ive when I'm resting and my legs are painful I have learnt to imagine they're not there, I keep them still and the pain seems to ease a bit, silly I know but it works for me. See if you can do it and if it helps let me know or tell me I'm talking a load of rubbish lol x

  • Thank you. Poor you. You really suffer a lot

  • If you don't mind will you let me know if you've tried imagining your legs aren't there and if its worked. Sometimes if it just eases things for just a little while its worth it. Plus I'd like to know how you get on with your mri. If I can offer any support then I'm always here. We can't let pain beat us x

  • Thank you so much

  • Your welcome I just hope something gets sorted for you x

  • My family doctor phoned and got results from mri. She said its mild nerve damage. She said L 5 spine sciatica. Funny thing is doctor that did test said nothing showed up. But family doctor said yes mild nerve damage. But she is worried about severe pain. She upped pills again. She doesn't want leg to get worse from not walking on it

  • What is imaging

  • When my legs feel so painful that painkillers aren't touching it. I get my legs as comfortable as possible I don't move them and I keep imagining that my legs aren't there. It seems to work for me so long as I don't move them I suppose its mind over matter and I'm not saying it always works but for me its something I try.

  • Thank you. My biggest fear is not using them at all. I'm a walker and biker. Now my legs are flabby. Think of your favorite thing in the world and now taken away. And waiting for my mri results to get back is hard to Its making me so depressed not knowing what is wrong

  • I cant walk without my frame or reliant on a wheelchair, and I use to be active and sporty. But you have to try to remain positive. This the hand I've been dealt. But I hope your mri gives answers and it gets sorted

  • Where is the pain ?


  • Pain is all in my left leg. Different kinds of pain

  • Almost all the time.

    Thankfully my cause is diagnosed, and I should hopefully be getting surgery to correct it soon if I wish to continue walking (I'm 23).

    Best of luck for the MRI. I hope it goes well xx

  • What happened to you, if I may ask? I'm 23 as well and I have so much difficulty in functioning normally. It worsened the past 4 years. I have some previous genetic and developed conditions as well as spine/back problems now. It frustrating because whatever rest and healthy lifestyle I've done it hasn't gotten any better. My exercise now must be limited too, but I do stretch a lot.

  • I have chondromalacia, which we believe has been caused by lots of little traumas (ballet, free running etc).

    I was also in a car accident that which caused some nerve damage last year.

    Each year my symptoms get worse, especially my knees which is why we are considering surgery as the Dr's think it will only progress to non walking point. My issues started at 9 years old and I only got a diagnosis at 20.

    I still exercise, but I'm limited to certain things and have to do alot of physio just to function daily. (Even then my knees dislocate a lot)

  • Oh wow, that is intense. I'm so sorry to hear about what's happened to you. But I'm happy it was diagnosed earlier than way later on in your life, wherein you could've had more complications.

    I wish you the best and hope you'd get better and not worse. You must miss doing ballet or something the way you could before. Dang, dislocating knees. I only had an LCL thereat before. Btw, what do you mean by doing a lot of physio?

  • Thank you x you're very nice.

    I do miss ballet but have started focusing on piano playing instead as it doesn't apply pressure to my knees etc.

    Physio - I do physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee to help hold it in place. We are also retraining the order the nerves "fire" so that the knee caps is pulled in the right direction to prevent dislocation.

    We will also attempt to change the way I walk after surgery in order to help with hip and ankle pain/damage. My Dr referred me for the physiotherapy.

    The issue is I also have cysts in the knee, so physio sometimes has to stop to allow the cysts to reduce in size.(I have other issues such as plantar fisciitis too)

  • Hope the surgery helps you. Wow you have had problems at such a young age

  • Your so young to have these problems. I think when I tripped over grandchildren s roller blades. I'm 57 still young

  • When are you getting surgery I forget

  • I guess I was lucky in the gene pool ? Lol

    You forget as I haven't actually given the date on here.

    It's in a few months as I'm trying to avoid having it done.

  • I'm sorry I don't have a memory. Probably due to mini strokes.

  • Awh I'm sorry to hear that x

  • Yep going through this aswell am waiting for my neurology tests 3 months time!!!

    Prolapsed disk L4/L5 which is trapping nerves.

    Keep me posted how you get on x

  • How long did it take for you to get tests back when they found prolapsed disk, And what is helping you now

  • I only waited a week but apparantly my month of waiting for appointment was an urgent appointment.

  • I just rode my bike. First thing I did with legs. I can't stand or walk but can ride a bike a bit

  • Yeah the physio said about an exercise bike for my legs but then told me not to do a thing until neuroligist appointment.

  • Why is it we can ride a bike a bit and not walk

  • takes the pressure off the nerves sitting down. I can do everything sitting down lol x

  • Thank you . Can you private message me . Are you on Facebook or cell phone. I need someone like me with this

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  • whats your name and pic

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  • I have no relief yet. Can hardly walk due to the nerve pain and muscle weakness. Still looking for the correst solution x

  • I pray all is well with you. I suffer with rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. I have one knee replacement and it was botched. Now I'm having it redone on July 18th. I understand what you are going through, others in your circle can make or break you. They can't understand why you are hurting. You can message me anytime for support.

  • Thank you. Its a pain going through all this isn't it

  • Yes it is, however I will get better. I truly trust God. I take a prescribed combination of Oxycodone 10 mg and hydromorphone 8mg. Sometimes it helps with pain sometimes it doesn't

  • Hi Sorry to hear of your pain. I hope you are not having any bowel, bladder trouble or numbness in the saddle area (like sitting on a horse). It can be embarressing to think of or mention these things It can be warning signs for CES with very bad pain in back & leg. I hope none of these are happening for you & wish you best of luck in treating your pain & staying mobile. It can be a struggle. take care

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