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passing strangrs

Feeling a bit low,I dialled my brother's number and a jolly person wished me season's greetings.

not recognising the voice I said "Sorry,I think I've dialled the wrong number."

quick as a flash she said

"well I haven't picked up the wrong phone..."

I actually did laugh out loud! I thanked her for cheering me up. she wished me season's greetings and we hung up.

I don't know who she was, but she changed my day by making me laugh and giving me a funny tale to share.

angels take many forms.



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Ha ha, I am still smiling! I hope I can remember that one next time I pick up someone dialling a wrong number to me, perhaps I can make the other person laugh too :-) Thanks for sharing that story!

Take care, Helene


I used to live in a house where for some reason complete strangers must have misdialled and ended up calling me. I'd often come home to find messages left on the answer phone which weren't for me or my housemate. There was an elderly lady saying, "Hello?Hello? Why aren't you answering me?!", numerous enquiries about flower arranging classes for the adult education centre, fortnightly requests from a lady with a Birmingham accent to "leave the gate open as your order for 40 wooden palettes is arriving in the morning", and once, an irate teacher from the local primary school demanding that I "come over immediately" because, "he's throwing tinfoil around the dining room and this behaviour really has to stop"! I did try ringing these callers back via 1471 but never managed to speak to any of them.

A friend had a phone number which was very similar to the cinema's number. He'd get several calls a week asking what was on that night. He began by being very helpful & would read out the listings from the local paper, but eventually started to get fed up so he'd make it up and just tell them whatever films he could think of.


teadrinker the old lady calling reminds me of a joke:-

an elderly jewish lady answers the phone "Hello"

a hoarse, heavy breathing, man says -

I'm going to come to your house, strip off your clothes an make love to you all night you sexy momma!"

the lady listens and says

"all this you got from hello?"


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