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Sense of humour

One thing that I have developed since being ill is quite a warped sense of humour. Lets face it if you can't laugh you are going to cry.

Recently on a weeks holiday I had been making the most of the hotel pool at 32 degrees and virtually empty most of the time. After an early morning swim and overdoing it a bit I dragged myself onto the side of the pool but had no energy to pull myself into my chair. I sat with my head in my hands summoning up one last burst of strength when a little voice said to me ' don't cry lady my brother can't get into his pushchair either and he is 2 ' . It took me a good 5 minutes of chuckling before I managed to regain my composure and drag myself up into my chair.

Sat on the beach wall Saturday we were watching an angelic little girl walk with her mother and their puppy. She eventually reached the beach steps and climbed up standing on the wall looking down at her mother. 'Can I jump mum?' she asked 'Noooo' said her mother, 'but why?' , 'because you only had your cast of yesterday' was the reply we nearly fell of the wall laughing.

What has made you smile this week?


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I don't know about developing a warped sense of humour as a result of having chronic pain, mine was always warped anyway! I have to be very careful sometimes as other people just don't get what I find funny.

I remember making a big effort at one particularly awful point when the pain was constant to find just one tiny little thing to be grateful for every day. It wasn't anything big, it could be something tiny like the sun coming out, but it helped to stop and take notice of the small things that made life more bearable when it all seemed such a mess.

As for today, no funny stories. But my kids have both come home from school in good moods and are very excited about having sausage, mash and peas for their tea. Simple things.


I expect they are looking foreword to being fed, kids are like that.

Take care and kindest regards



pollyanna moments - try to find one good thing in any situation - chronic pain (bad) = this forum (pollyanna ) getting no sleep = watching sunrise and no traffic noise, It takes imagination and pollyanna moments are personal, sometimes I get out of seeing the relations due to pain and for me that is a big pollyanna moment


A bird feeder is very entertaining - watching the birds squabble for food, perches, others are more timid and wait till there are no birds before seeing whats left.

Watching the cycle of nature - I love my apple tree, bare branches suddenly sprout new leaf, then blossom, then the promise of many apples, and now picking big red juicy apples. Will get its autumn prune and then sleep over the winter.

Children do bring happiness, they are so uncomplicated and see the world differently - sometimes wish we adults weren't so struck on being adults and loosing this.

I never understood people who said "what a miserable day" when its raining. Its far from miserable. Colours are brighter, everything has a sparkle, and everything is very fresh afterwards. OK so its wet and usually cold, but thats no reason not to enjoy the change in colour, reflexions in puddles, water droplets on leaves, spider webs beaded with tiny droplets.


It is lovely to hear what makes people smile, I have to agree with watching the seasons and weather change. I also like to sit and people watch on the beach or in town while I am sat outside shops I can not get access too.

My kids are all grown up now but I love to see my grandson on skype though I am sure he thinks I live in a box lol

Thank you for making me smile today by sharing your experiences of what makes you smile.



I loved your story thankyou for sharing ,it brought a smile to my face...

And l defo agree a good humour is required when you have a life long illness

Sarcasm is my tipple l think every doctor should have one and every patient needs one

You keep laughing hunny xxxx (((hugs))))


Hi, I had just got out of the taxi at Tesco and a Dad and two kids aged about nine and twelve were passing by. I heard him say " Yes, but if you don't have a neck to connect to your body you will be in big trouble" I wondered what the question was!


Ohh wow, yes I would have been wondering about that one all day and chuckling at the answers.



I loved your 2 stories : the only things that made me smile on A Bad Pain Day.

Yes, humour, including Warped Humour is essential to the balance. And it's

FREE !!!!


Hi all, so good to see all the comments about the small things that brighten our lives! we will all get there in the end, one day at a time is my saying of the moment! Take care. Ann


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