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Just had breakfast, now just looking across towards a wonderful sunrise that has lit the sky up in a wonderful red that lights the cold blue sky.

On mornings like this you remember how good life is as you watch the kids going to school

You can remember your youth and this giives you a the strength to carry on and brings out the positive attitude that you need in this game too carry on.

Our collie Pax is waiting for my wife to take him out for his walk, will take my walker out for a push and let the cold air wake me up to the day.

We know that it is good if we can just forget our troubles for even just a short time.

So everyone have a nice sunny morning with a winter crisp air and forget if possible your inner pains


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I missed the sunrise this morning but there have been beautiful sunsets this week, and even though it is bitterly cold, the frost is quite beautiful.


A lovely positive attitude...which I am sure helps you and has certainly cheered me.


It is a shame we take so much for granted. I live opposite a hill and people who visit always remark on the lovely view. I rarely noticed it other than when its covered in cloud, its mostly green, but yellow in Sping and purple late summer.

I now look at it every day. Some of it is farmland with fields of sheep, horses or cows. They get moved around alot. Sometimes there's crops. Occasionally there are some deer, but there's always buzzards and sparrowhawks flying around.

Its mostly scrub with heather and gorse, the occasional tree stunted in growth by extreme weather and bent by the prevailing wind. which bring the seasonal colour. Now its spinkled with frost and ice. If you look carefully you can follow people as they wander the many paths up and across. I make the effort to walk up the easy part and no longer wish I could make it to the top. I watch in amazement at the people who choose to run up the hill.

Jets swoop low on the otherside and climb as they come round to my side, only hearing them at the last minute overhead. They usually travel in pairs or double pairs. We know the pros from the beginners - they have trouble keeping the wings level on the turn and climb. I say climb, but it is still low enough to see and wave to the pilot, feel the downdraft.

It's not beautiful in a pretty sense, but beautiful because its alive, always changing, and right outside my window.


I have been contemplating a move to a flat which would be a help for my brother who helps my husband and my self a lot. He also has health problems of his own. Then I walk out into my tiny garden and straight away shelve the idea. Nothing better, cold or warm, to be able to sit outside and breathe in the fresh air, watch the birds and dabble a bit at gardening. No, we shall soldier on where we are and be thankful, have a good day everyone


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