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My Pilates mat has arrived!

Hi guys 🤓

I have a new mat that I use for stretching and I leave it out all the time. I see this mat so I never forget about what I should be doing daily. To be fair, the stretches offered to me by the PT team have never really been that helpful for my dreadful lower back pain. However, my body feels better all round when it's more flexible and opened up. One thing I wanted to pass on: when I was still, flat on my black on the floor for a few mins, it really helped me feel more centred and much 'stronger' when I got back up. As if I was being adjusted.

It's very simple but I would suggest trying it if you have severe pain in your lower back. Yes, I have up to 120mg of OXY a day but this simple act is making a difference. Who knows, in 8 weeks I may be able to reduce.

On thinking......

You can't will or wish horrible pain away but what you think does play a part. Before you guess what I'm on about....hear me out! I know on my worst days, my anxiety and fear about the 'future' makes the experience much much worse. A hot water bottle is your friend when your pain meds don't cut it. And then, play some chill out music, let some fresh air in and work on relaxing.

I find each little thing I learn, all builds up to take 'the hell' out of my pain. Not the 'edge'....that's not possible with the pain I have. But taking 'the hell' out of it, leaves room...for hope.

Jake, UK

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I should say, using this mat has caused me to have a flare up and my pain is worse. I'll need to go slow.

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Yes definitely go slow and listen to your body. Use YouTube to look at the different exercises for your condition if your not doing it through physio theropy x

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I have a book but it's huge! Overloaded. Ill use YouTube. By the way try the qigong healing walk. It's on YouTube.

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Thank can only do very specific things as my hip is extremely bad but thank you. Hope this works out for you. I’m got a yoga mat but it’s one of the thickest ones I think it’s 30mm so it’s great for doing things like this on but I do yoga so not sure if it’s different x

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The walk is very light and it's is up to you how much you do. I only do a few steps in my home. It seems to have a energy field healing effect. Have a look at it on YouTube.

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I can’t walk at all so I don’t think this would work at all but thanks

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I had no idea. Have you mentioned this in out post and I've failed to notice?

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Yes lol but it’s fine don’t worry :)

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It's strange for me to not pay attention. I need to notice if I'm missing things. Please point it out.

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Don’t worry you might not of even seen it plus I’m just a stranger I’m sure you notice all the important things in life.

Did you manage to sort out an appointment at the pain clinic in the end

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I would like to know as it may be a red flag that my mood is changing. You will be helping me if you can point it out in our post. I know we shared a few.

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I don’t actually have time to go through all posts but I know I’ve mentioned in bed bound and have to use crutches to get around as I can’t walk on my left leg because of my hip but it could of been in a older post you haven’t seen

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