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Is there anyone out there who has a disability themselves who is also a carer for a chronic pain sufferer?

How do you cope with your husband's pain And all that goes with the terrirtory of careing for him and yet manage your own disability too? I am registered blind - hVE BEEN FOR 30 YEARS AND GET NO SUPPORT FROM SOCIAL WORKS. bE INTERESTED TO HEAR FROM OTHERS WHO MAY BE IN SIMILAR SITUATION. X

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It may be an idea to go to you GP together, and ask to see an occupational therepist, depending on how bad your hubbies pain is and if he can get around they will most probably be able to help in the application of various forms of assistance andaids for rooms etc.

They can also arrange appointments with adapt centres, I do not know what you call them w

ere you live. They will be able to assist you in the same way with verius bits of equpment that might be usefull.

Remember with the both of you you will be able to claim vat back or be taken of the bill if you need to purchase bits and pieces and other larger things like stair lifts etc. They will keep you right.

Also it may be possible that the occupational therapist may be able to assistwith social services etc and various amouts of benifit that you may get from the state.

Please Please see the doctor and try and get this assistance that yyou seem too need be persistant do not suffer their is no need


Thank you for all this iformation but i feel you may have misunderstood my question"

It is the caring for someone with chronic pain and the emotional side that i was more interested in. How others cope with looking after that person. It is a huge drain on my own energies.

We have equipment he needs - such as it is these days but there is nothing for carers = only an assessment and a noote on the form saying ' no services available',

It is veryhard and I was looking for others in similar situation to hear hw they coped.

Thank you again for you answer. x

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Hi I am going through the same as you, I have chronic pain and am living on painkillers every day, my husband is suffering with severe depression, It takes me all my time to get myself going and then have to try and keep his spirits up.,what can I say? I do a lot of craftwork to keep me sane, but maybe you don,t like that kind of thing, if you would like to chat you can contact me , Serious though, get in touch, sometimes just having a friend you can let off steam to, helps a lot! Hang in there, can,t get any worse!!!! cheers for now Ann xx

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Hi I have chronic pain a well does my partner he make every one else feel it but I just get on but it does make my mental health worse and me more angry that there is no help. At the mo I'm doing pain management program. But I just want to scream and say get on with it to him. It doesn't help we both have health problems but he seams to think it worse than mine, would be nice if I had anyone to speak to but I don't and I'm housebound because of where we live he drives so he can get out. I have 2 children and I tend to feel guilty because I can't do what I used to they are 16 and 11 nearly 12.


We can support each other. Is yor husband doing a pain management as well? What advice have you been given> Your children seem to be old enough to help - have you enlisted them to do things for you? I am not a chronic pain sufferer - just registered blind! It must be hard for you both but don't give up.

Paton x


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