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Incapacity benefit

Hi all, has anyone had this happen to them? I have been on incapacity benefit since my accident six years ago, I also got an income support top up in total it didn't add up to much, but for some reason unbeknown to me as my incapacity benefit went up by three pound yippee!! The DWP have now stopped my income support as I am now over the limit for them to pay my top up, now when the letter arrived I get totally confused as it says...... The law says you are allowed £133 and some odd pence to live on but because I get £101 and some odd pence then I am no longer entitled to income support is there anyone who knows what a severely disabled person who has a full time live in carer as I suffer from CRPS/RPS/Fibromyalgia down the whole of my right hand side from neck to foot, even though every time I question this with the DWP they say that my money is correct, I do obviously claim DLA but apparently this is not counted towards my income, my medication alone now costs me £198 per month where as with the small bit of income support I got, it allowed me to get free prescriptions, has anyone got any ideas???

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I can not help with the 'benefits' side of your problem, however have you been told about the NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate? I also have multiple prescriptions, and with my card pay just £10.40 per month. This is the link to their website:

I only found out about this option when another sufferer told me, after paying £75+ per month on prescriptions!!!!


I don't suppose you have to take thyroid medications? I'd been taking it for about a year before someone at the chemist told me it entitled me to an exemption certificate for prescriptions - I'd had no idea but I now have a 5 year exemption card.


You seem to have a couple of related issues here, benefits are a minefield, The Community Action Group website is an absolute Godsend with experts on there, ttp:// and don't forget, there is excellent benefits information and assistance on there.

Can't help specifically but there are experts on both these websites who could be better placed.


Thank you all for your answers, Rpprpp yes I have just been told about the pre payment card but thank you anyway it would help a great deal, Lindylaine, unfortunately no I don't take meds for thyroid, about the only one I don't take lol, my partner takes them so I am aware of that one, but many thanks anyway, and lurcherlass, thank you I will check those sites out asap I may get some very good help from there, I agree the benefit system is a nightmare and I certainly don't understand a thing they say to me as one person says one thing and you can phone again five minutes later to be told something completely different!

Again many thanks for all your answers I appreciate all your help.

Deb x


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