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Morning all, has anyone had one of these letters, it says when i claimed benefit i agreed to tell them of any changes, there havent been any except for a new diagnosis and i have sent them a letter and called them. They , again, want Bank accounts, etc, bit worried about this as it seems people who have had them have been reported for something. The only other change is my mobility car, and ideas anyone xx

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  • dont tell anybody anything. certainly not bank details.

    check carefully who it is fom.

    ask cab.

    there are scams going around.

    have you asked dwp what it is for.

    pat x

  • ps i am just finding out what i can for you,


  • hello angel

    this has come back from friend who deals with this all the time.

    i take if you are talking about dla or pip

    her mesage....

    circumstances which your friend told them about, the bank accounts checking they are doing with so many people now and you do not have to be reported by someone for them to ask for bank statements - they often check if you are getting the right amount of benefit and in some cases say you can apply for this or that, other times its not, the dwp want the info, give it to them and tell them to back off, and if they dwp keep harassing them tell your friend go to the MP and get the parliamentary ombudsman involved, and launch an official complaint that will get the dwp to back off.....tell your friend send big hugs and hope things get sorted out. x

    hope this helps

    pat x

  • Thanks Pat, it's ESA I am in wrath and I called them, they just said it was a check but I am fed up of this now x

  • what the are they checking on. I cant swear but my advice is don't give bank details over the phone. you have no idea who is listening. tell them to go away.

    we are all fed up with them.


  • I would never give bank details over the phone , this is yet another interview in the Jc, where they check bank details etc, they say its see see that you are getting the right benefits, actually its to see if you are getting money from elsewhere, because last time they picked up on the fact that my daughter had paid money into my account on a few occasions, it was money she owed me from several years ago that she is now ablke to pay back xx

  • still cant swear.

    are you in the esa group or dla/pip


  • I claim Esa, and higher rate mobility pip, yet still i have to attend interviews and now they want to send me on a 4 week work experience course, it takes me all my time to get out of bed, i am on slow release Tramadol and have arthritis in both hips , hands and feet and now it is in my Lumber region, the pain in my back has become constant in the past few weeks, i have written and asked for consideration for the support group but hey ho, who knows, i hate them knowing what i spend my money on xx

  • Go there and let them see you as you really are. In pain, crippled, unable to talk cos of pain etc and yes I would make it my worse day.

  • unfortunately beauty 06 they don't see your pain or struggle to get there. they see you have the ability to use public transport or car to get there. you can't be that bad then.

    pat x

  • Get advice from CAB disability advisor. Definitely take someone with you to the appointment.

  • I had the exact same letter today, I claim dla high rate in both, ESA (joint) child benefit and child tax... I didn't realise that I had to inform them that I recently had a baby.. Could this be the reason I had this letter or could it be because somebody has reported me :/ I've seen so many scary posts in worried sick x

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