Functional illness

So an update for anyone who has read previous post. The neuropsychologist who originally said it's all in my head has elaborated and to my relief it's not psychosomatic.

Also my first MRI is the one I should be diagnosed on, NOT my most recent, rather basic MRI.

This has lifted my spirits a lot in one sense but in another it's back to square one with possible nervous system problems and more recently an X-Ray which picked up a bunion. Apparently some how I got this, although I wear flats every day and don't wear shoes inside. Due to pain I don't exercise a lot so not sure what that's all about. But it is very painful, that much I do know.

Anyway anybody else have a functional illness? What kind of specialists are there available?

Anybody else have a very sore bunion and what can be done to stop the pain?

Many thanks

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  • I know my bunions are caused by bad posture because of back pain. My spine is out of alignment and i have been leaning over to the right to reduce a pain in my lower back. Its quite unbleiveable what bad posture can do. i went to a shop called shuropody where they give you a free assesment and i got inserts for my shoes as i have had very painful bunions because i have been moving out of the correct alignment to reduce pain. go and get a free assessment. with the shoe inserts in i am now more on my heels instead of leaning forward onto my toes which i did not know i was doing and i have also been in agony with burning hot legs and feet and pain down to my feet. no one would ever know to look at me unless they have a trained eye. also as i'v been leaning this way for years it feels normal. im getting used to the inserts and it has reduced my bunion pain immensly. I think there is a shuropody shop in lots of towns. if not then you will need to see a podiatrist.

  • Thank you so so much grace111 for your input and time in telling me. I know I have poor posture, I need to sort this out really.

    I will see where there is one near me when I get my car back.

    Thank you again

  • So interesting, thank you Grace 111, my spine is out of alighnment too but the coccyx being out of alignment I feel alters my stature more because I appear to lean forward when walking without realising it, ( In order to take some pressure of it.) It's unlikely I would be able to Change that now. Well I've looked up on the map where there are plenty of these shuropody shops around the country. There's one based in a garden centre which means no worrying about driving into a town/ city.

  • my coccyx is so painful and when i touch it i can feel lots of little nodules. I do feel better since i got the inserts in my shoes so its not really me who has changed its the inserts that seem to have corrected things. also my ankle had moved inwards and my foot had not much or an arch. im waiting for physio, not sure if that will help. of course being in the wrong alignment will cause problems of its own. i read a fabulous artice on podiatry and it was mentioning how people fall over when they get older and loose their balance if their spine is out of alignment in one place it changes everything.

  • I find I fairly frequently nearly fall over. So that is so true what you say Grace111

  • Thank you Tashikarma xx

  • The main cause of bunions is genetic so don't feel that you are at fault because of the shoes you have been wearing or the exercise you have been doing. Definitely either get a referral or self refer to a podiatrist for this. They can prescribe special insoles. you should't need to go private for this.

    And it is likely that your feet are causing the problems further up stream in your back rather than the other way around.

    Interestingly, not wearing shoes can be a problem. Well fitting shoes that support the foot to be in a good position when walking will help. I can no longer walk comfortably without shoes.

    If you still have a lot of pain because of the bunion, your podiatrist should be able to refer you to a podiatric surgeon, or an orthopaedic surgeon. I have have four lots of surgery on my feet, three for bunions, two of which were done in my teens. The surgery is much less intrusive these days then back in the 1970s!

  • my bunions are not genetic they are caused by leaning to far forward and pressing into my big toe erea. and now that i have the insers in my shoes im not pressing on that area which is now releaving me of bunion pain and also my bunion is not so much sticking out.

  • it isn't the bunion itself that has a genetic cause, it is the strength of the tissues and the arrangement of the bones and tissues around it that would allow the misalignment when leaning forward and shifting your weight. Some people will have stiffer feet that won't be susceptible to this movement, so won't form a bunion when doing the same thing as others that end up with bunions.

    The fact that the insoles has relieved the pain and corrected the alignment indicates that you have lax ligaments and muscles that allowed this to happen in the first place, that that laxative is mainly genetically determined.

  • no i had back pain that made me shift my weight and thats whats caused the problem.

  • Thank you very much for your input cyberbarn. I really appreciate it. I will have to talk to someone maybe as the pain is causing me to limp.

    Many thanks and take care of yourself

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