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My options

Hi everyone, went to see the specialist on Tuesday and have been offered either an operation on the spine which will ease the pains in my right leg but do nothing for the back,or have an injection in the spine which will also have the same results. Have opted for the injection, am a little nervous but if I can try and get rid of some of the pain, I reckon I should go for it. So we will see how it goes and I will keep you updated. Am expecting my family from London next week for a visit so am looking forward to going out and about here in Brum. Will be great to relax and travel by car!! I am also on the look out for a reasonably priced wheelchair as I am unable to get one via the NHS. Wish me luck with that, hope you all have a good week, cheers Ann

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Hi Ann,

Not an easy desision to make. But I think I would do the injection first and keep the op as a back up.

Enjoy yourself with your family,


Hi Anne

Don't be nervous! I've had more needles stuck in me since this stupid pain thing started than I ever thought possible. As a child I had a recurring nightmare about having needles stuck in my head, and what do I find myself doing now? Only having injections in my head every 4 months! I'm so blase now that I don't even think about it and just turn up at the pain clinic like I'm getting my hair done. (Well, almost).

Seriously though, it sounds like a sensible choice you are making. I'm sure they will look after you well at the hospital, and like you say, it might help your pain. I hope you don't have to wait too long to have it done.

Have a good time with your family.


thanks guys, have a good weekend, can you believe xmas is nearly here. Just been looking at my garden, it is slowly preparing itself for hibernation! All the leaves falling, let,s get the crafts, books, music etc etc ready for ours. Winter woolies too, cheers Ann


I'd agree. I'm not sure which injections you are having, but I've had injections, and also radio-frequency lesioning with no problems.

Thinking of you, Have a good weekend. I need to design my Christmas cards soon.


Hi missrat do you make your own xmas cards? I am a bit craft mad and always looking for new things to do. The injection is a steroid one from what I could gather. Cheers


Good luck with your treatment.

And have a lovely time with the family. May the weather be with you.

Re arty crafty bits. Me I am hopeless but do love to see other handiwork. I wish you would post some photos of all you hard work. Maybe it would spur me on.


Hi there, my brother is the computer whizz so will get him to bring his camera round today and see if he can get a couple of pics up for me, cheers


Look forward to seeing them. I did once knit a jumper with the help of a friend, Unfortunately when I wash it it shrank terribly. I took it to work to show them and when I went in the next day someone had put doweling through the sleeves and hung it on the wall. It stayed there for a couple of years until we decorated.


That,s not funny! Mind you It must have made you giggle, at least you got famous for something, I will let you know as soon as my small efforts are on my facebook photos and will come back and tell you where to look, have a good evening, Ann


Hi I've been given similar options and they freaked me out at first. Awaiting physio for large prolapsed disc and been told I'll probably need a spinal fusion op (sounds nice - not). But will have the steroid injection into the spine first. The Docs say it's because if you just have back pain they don't worry as physio can support that with core muscle work etc. But numb legs, tingles, leg pain etc means the injection / op route. I'll let you know how I got on.

Have you asked your GP for help from an occupational therapist? Often they have catalogues of aids you can order on the NHS or privately ref your wheelchair. sells nearly everything nowadays you may find something on there!

Good luck.

PS you can get a 2nd opinion. As my time draws near that's what I'll do.


Hi there, thanks for all the info, it really helps to get some details from people like you who are going through the same thing. I have had an OT come around and he is organising a bathlift which will be fitted early November for which I am very grateful, also a few other things to help me in the house. He reckons he cannot help with mobility aids, I shall keep asking but will try Amazon and ebay too. I am going to invest in a shopping walker first as I will only need a wheelchair for day trips out, don,t make too many of them, but it will be good to have one for when I need it. Stay well and have a good day, cheers for now


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