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An Attack of the Penelopes

As a child of the 70s one of my favourite cartoon characters was Penelope Pitstop. Poor Penelope, a Barbie-lookylikey, who seemed to spend most of her time trying to escape from the clutches of her nemesis The Hooded Claw. Her escape technique was largely ineffective - if only she'd bend her knees when running away. She'd wail pitifully for help whilst tied to a railway track ("Hey-ulp! Hey-ulp!") and wait for a carload of men to come to her rescue. Not a great advert for feminism when you think about it.

This week I have turned into Penelope (in spirit, not looks I hasten to add, though my running technique leaves a bit to be desired). There have been too many moments when my usual pain management strategies just haven't worked at all and I have had to resist the urge to yell, "Hey-ulp!" because that's how I've felt : helpless & weakened by the fatigue of fighting against the pain.

What do you do when it just won't go away? I know it will go eventually (well, this flare up will, not the whole pain thing itself). It's just that this week I am a bit sick of it all again.

There is a sharp stabbing pain in my shoulder. I think The Hooded Claw is stuck in there.

(I was going to stick a picture of Penelope's Hanna & Barberra Cartoon colleagues Dick Dasterdly & his stupid canine sidekick Muttley on here but I can't make it work. Always felt a bit sorry for Muttley, and admired anyone who could do an impression of him sniggering - "hhehhehhe..." )

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now I know why your photo is missing, you really do look like miss pitstop!




I try to divert my attention. I started a hobby which is now a business.

At the beginning of my treatment I had to rotate sitting, standing, walking and lying down on 20 min intervals over 3 months and then increasing to my current regime.

I soon got bored of reading, couldn't keep the thread of a story in my head. Magazines were full of things I wasn't really interested in.

I thought for a while and decided I needed something new to stretch what little mental energy I had, something small and portable that could be done in short time slots. I chose to teach myself to make traditional bears. I do have a sewing background so this was just taking it to another level.

I keep everything I need in a shoe box and this goes everywhere with me. If I need to rest when out with the family, I park myself in a cafe and get the box out. If I'm on a bad spell the box follows me round the house as I do my rotation routine. I only make bears during the bad times, so there is a variable amount each year. Everyone is an individual and I love that I have found a positive spin on all the negative pain.

I'd much rather struggle through the pain doing something positive and creative that has no time schedule, than sit worrying how long its going to last this time.


Did they ever stop that pigeon? You bring out all the big guns to try and stop pain in it's tracks and it's as fleet of wing as the pigeon. Take care.



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