thighs swollen, anyone help please?

my thighs feel, and are, very swollen and numb but painul!!

they feel as if they are in a tight balloon.

I've just had a shower and sat in a shower chair in my cozzie while a carer assisted me.

I was running the shower on my thighs to ease them, I couldn't feel anything as they were numb. the carer was about to wash my her and put her hand under the shower, she shrieked in alarm at the temp of the water. luckily it didn't scald me, but it is bothering me. any advice is welcome. sandra.

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  • I would ring NHS Direct right now for some advice - I don't think you should wait until your GP surgery opens tomorrow!

    Good luck.

  • thanks Teadrinker,I've rang nhs direct, a dr will ring me back.

    regards, sandra.

  • swelling and numbness eased now thankfully.


  • Hi I do hope that you are OK, this could be 1 of many things such as a trapped nerve? Water retention? Further investigations need to be carried out. Good luck and let us know how you get on,take care

  • saw my gp , he checked for sensations "feel this?" all over, I could, said did right asking nhs direct - that's why it's there to settle your mind; just keep eye on it,

    thanks all,


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