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Toothache of the spine

Bit of this

Toothache of the spine got the better of me yesterday. The pain wasn't any worse I just lacked the where with all. Oh my Gawd my sense of inadequacy is seeping into my dreams now. There I was puffing up the hill on my bike when good friend V goes sailing past on hers at top speed.

Today was worth getting up for though. After investigating pitiful bleating I managed to manouvre one of farmer Rex's lambs head out of the hole in the fence. It and it's mummy could be seen racing across the field toward each other in the manor of a romantic love scene.

The baby donkeys up the road experienced their first taste of carrot, they spat it out. Oh that all unpalatable things could be dispensed with so easily.

Bit of that

It should be said I do work with children.

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Oh how sweet, thank you so much for posting the baby donkey video, made me feel better! Sounds a lovely place you live in. Hope you have a tolerable day, aren't animals great x


Baby donkey cheered me too, glad you liked him. Animals and chocolate make the world go around and they are both a great comfort.

Hope things with you are on an even keel.