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Bladder kidney infection symptoms but no bacteria when tested??

Anybody else feel like they have a kidney or bladder infection but when your urine is tested there's no bacteria? I'm a 50 year old female with crazy extreme daily anxiety an possibly have perimenapausal symptoms?? No dr just going to emerge??

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I am older than you but this has happened to me where you feel you have a bladder infection and they tell me the test is ok . Occasionally it’s not. It might be that your womb has dropped and is pressing onto your bladder, this happened to me a few years ago . Feels like a squeezing sensation. I am going to Urology clinic in September , my appointment got delayed due to Covid . Hope you are ok soon

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Thank you for your's very frustrating when you have the symptoms but they tell you there's no bacteria so no infection. I hope all your tests go well in sept.

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Thank you . If your symptoms continue then ask to go to urology for further tests. Or your lady GP could give you an internal to see if anything is pressing on to your bladder

I suffer from this condition as well. I will tell my Gp to refer me to kidney specialist as my kidney function is stage 3. You may have to get your Gp to test for kidney disease

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Thanks for the reply..problem is I don't have a GP been waiting on a list for over a decade to get one an no luck so it's e.r visits an diff docs! They did do blood work that checked my kidney function an said it was good? So confused an frustrated! Thanks.

Oh yes, for 10 years or more, I’m 60. I even get clammy and chills and find I’m running to the loo more often. I can feel very uncomfortable in the bladder area. Visit the nurse to have it tested and no bacteria. Mind you if I go back 2/3 days later as symptoms not gone, then it tests positive. So I think I know about it before it registers. Nearly always need two lots of antibiotics as well as it doesn’t go after first lot and even after two lots I may still have symptoms, so get it checked yet again and like in first two samples, there’s still blood in it after treatment!! I am under urology who did bladder scan, that was all fine, kidney scan showed small stone, but second scan didn’t find it?

I do once remember in couple occasions being told perhaps my bladder was bruised. I’ve had issues since an infant and then as a teenager and through every decade, and even now after a hysterectomy for prolapse when endometriosis and adenomyosis were discovered.

I’m actually thinking I have one now so will probably get it checked this week. Good luck to you, I hope you find some answers as to the cause of yours


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Hi there an thank you for your reply! I'd say you totally understand my problems based on your own! I think I will go back in couple days they did say they would grow the sample an if it grows bacteria they will contact me with a script in a few days...if they do! Joys of having no dr an having to hit the e.r for everything! Sorry u might have one now as well, sounds like this has been an constant nuisance for you as well! Take care an thank you!!

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Thank you, meant to say I don’t know your age, but they recommended I use Estriol or similar oestrogen cream. I cannot bear the cream, it’s so messy and uncomfortable, also irritates me so stopped using it, but they do a tiny pessary which is much better. It is meant to lessen the frequency of infections if you’re a certain age .......

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Thanks I'm 50

Hello Abbagail, Its horrible when you have toilet needs but no infection shows. I find if I have problems occassionally my doctor will send off a sample last time I did end up with anti biotics and felt much better in a few days. Normally I use the cystitis tablets from the chemist or the like the ones from Wilko are the cheapest they cannot harm as they are only concentrated cranberry. Barley water helps too . The herbal pomegranite concoction for men works for women too. Its entirely up to you whether you treat your bladder with none medical potions or insist your GP investigates. If your wee is a funny colour see doctor ASAP. Hope this helps only use alternatives for short times the same with pain releif.

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Thank you for your reply an helpful ideas! The e.r doc said he would grow the urine sample for few days an see if it grows bacteria an if so send me a prescription. Meanwhile I am drinking cranberry juice an lots a water but may try your suggestions as well. Very helpful thank you!!

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Glad to hear some doctors are more interested in there jobs, I keep urine dip sticks at home to check if things go wrong, this allows me to tell my GP the outcome of an home test on the phone so they can decide if it needs investigation. It is only £7 to £9 for a hundred which are the same as the GP uses and save a trip to A&E or the GP if the test is clear. Its just the same as taking your own blood pressure or sugar monitoring tests. Keep up the water and cranberry.

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Katie , Hi, do you find these urine testing sticks easy to read? Only I tried my own at home once and hadn’t a clue how to read the results.from rabbits65


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Hi there , its fairly easy as long as all the first row are the normal colour then all is well . If not then contact the GP can use a magnifying glass if sight is failing. They will ask what colour is changed for instance generally if you have infection the top colour changes to purplish. If blood in the urine the 6th square down changes colour . You still need a Gp to have it tested and diagnosed though. As we grow older infections are more common and can make you iller than when younger.

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Thank you very much for replying . I will see what I can find on the internet. I took in a test to Dr on Wednesday they said it was clear. I’ve taken another one into them this morning as I still feel unwell and they say they are short staffed but will let me know this afternoon. It’s a right performance . I just keep drinking lots of water . Feeling tired as no sleep last night , back ache etc. I’m 69 yrs . Usually active with two poodles to walk but not good today. Hope you get on alright . From Penny 😊

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Thank you for reply, backache sometimes goes with these kind of system upsets. Hope you get things sorted this afternoon and I have to say sometimes precautionary infection control is necessary in my opinion. I had to have tablets after a month of symptoms last time but they soon cleared it up there are other causes of urinary track problems besides cystitis. Take care

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Hi again Katie, my second urine sample was clear again and they won’t give me antibiotics. Nobody called me , I had to call them , only getting as far as the receptionist , they re job they’ve got hundreds of calls to make. She told me to ring 111 over the weekend if I need help. It’s not good is it ? 😔 Hope your weekend is enjoyable. 😊

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Well I would contact 111 only if you feel really unwell or you have had an accident. Hope your weekend is good but weathers a bit unpredictable. Bye for now take care.

Hi there, You could have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis. There are two forms of this, bacterial and auto immune. I suffer from the autoimmune verity. In this bacteria is rarely found and unfortunately It is a poorly understood condition. You would need to make an appointment with a Uro and take it from there.

Hello Abbagail. I am now 64. Around the age of 40 I began with an irritation to the bladder which made feel feel like I wanted to go all the time even though I probably didn't. I had countless urine tests. All came back normal. I even had one sent away to be cultivated ant which time they did find just a minor infection( but this was only once. My problem went on for years and caused me anxiety and eventually pain in my groin area too. I even am sad to say I underwent 2 cystoscopies to look for signs of interstitial cystitis and nothing was found and also 2 laparoscopies because I kept thinking it might be hormone related as it was the time of my perimenopause....but everything came back clear. I was seeing a counsellor/psychotherapist at the time who, by chance, had once been a physiotherapist. It was her who suggested that the problem may have been originating in my lower back. No GP had ever suggested that but it is now widely accepted that the sacrum and S1, L4, L5 discs at the bottom of the spine can irritate nerves which will irritate the bladder and any of those places actually in the groin area. I now believe this to be the case. The best treatment would therefore be any graduated exercise which stabilizes the lower spine and the core muscles in the tummy. I ended up on a pain management course and when I sort of accepted the reasons why and made sure I drank sufficiently I eventually got better! I still have weakness in that spinal area and I now suffer with my foot and leg because of it. For me the anxiety around not knowing was and can still be a big driver in maintaining my symptoms.

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