Upper back - Trapezius and Rhumboid muscles

David has been sufferering severe pain in this area on the right side.

I have tried heat no relief. Ibuprofen gel no relief. Coodamol too many and no relief. He already has morphine patches. No relief.

Had Xray and cervical spondy no wore so not skeletal.

GP has no answer apart from Voltarol and ring pain clinic.

Pain clinic are discusing and waiting to hear back.

I have heard rolling around on his back with a tennis ball can help but not sure if the Collie would mind her toy being used like this.

I am stumped. Seems GP is too.

Can any of my lovely friends on her - and friends I don't know yet - offer any ideas?

Pat x

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  • Hi,

    I have a rolling device that is excellent - it's about a metre long and has little square bumps all over it. I get awful upper back pain so I lie with it under my upper back and roll backwards and forwards and everything clinks and clunks and feels better. It can feel very tender when you do it but it's a good, working out spasm kind of tender. I got it from a Physio supplies website. You can use it on arms, legs, neck hips etc. I swear by it


  • Thanks Db. I can't understand why GP hasn't refered to physio although we have a self referal system up here. 12 weeks wait.

    Your toy sounds similar to my ball but more of it. Wull see what I can fin on line.

    Looks like a good roll around the bed is going to be the answer


  • Hello Pat, sounds like you need some advice from a Physio. I've heard of that ball idea but never tried myself, so can't comment.How about heat or ice on the said area if it is muscular or maybe you already tried that. Hope the pain clinic get back to you quickly. Oh one I found was very good for pain was capsicum cream from the arthritis clinic, now you can usually get from herbal shops or on line, worth a try. Better than overdosing on painkillers if it works for David. Good luck with a solution xx

  • Ice is supposed to help but even a good sort out through the frezer rveals nothing suitable. Have to get some peas I guess.

    Nither heat pad nor boil jelly thing works at all. Certainly look at capsicum cream. Sweet Peppers normally used in salads or stuffed and cooked!


  • Peppers do have other uses, but much nicer in cooking and salads. Just wondered if the juices rubbed into the skin might work ?, or maybe too strong for that might burn the skin like chillies do. I am waiting for a parcel I ordered Saturday and paid premium rate delivery for next day delivery, dont even know what time it will come. It seems these days we pay more and it takes longer. Amazon seem to be the only ones who can manage next day delivery on most of their items. Can't get bulky items home on the bus and can't lift heavy items so I am dependent on delivery services. Have a good day :) xx

  • I sent a parcel, 2 in fact, on a Friday which would be delivered 2 working days later. That meant Tuesday. Fine no rush. They landed Saturday next day! Still working it out but as only ost me pennies quite happy.


  • I am not so happy with the delivery schedule of this company, if it is not delivered today I will not be in tomorrow and it takes 48 hours to reschedule delivery which means it will be the weekend again and they wont be able to deliver till next Tuesday, but they have been paid for the goods and delivery in advance. They have till five oclock if not delivered by then I will be making a complaint. And I do not want the goods delivered elsewhere. if I could carry them I would not be ordering on line for home delivery. I needed to collect a prescription today and do shopping so I will be out Thursday too now. They dont care how the customer is serviced just the easiest way for them, and that's mainly based on people going to shop with a car these days. Sorry but this attitude of pay now and we will deliver when it suits gets me so mad, if it wasn't for us the delivery drivers would be out of work. Pat do you have any idea how to sort out incorrect dates on emails, mine are saying Monday on them when it is Tuesday, But my calender and clock on the computer are correct xx

  • Anything arrived yrt?

    Sorry can't help with computer. Mine has specialised software which can be a nightmare. She speaks! Or not. Mid life crisis!


  • No sign of any order yet,, must be last delivery before he goes back to Northhampton, but tracking says the goods are in Rotherham waiting to be delivered. The goods are being delivered to UK. The goods were dispatched at 00hrs on the 23rd. What a load of rubbish. Guess I'll just have to cancel the order.

  • All done electronically and not a human contact anywhere. Not an intelligent obe!

    Have faith.


  • Hi Pat, just rang about order apparently they have it down for redelivery tomorrow as there are a hundred customer who have not received today's delivery. So I have told her I will not accept delivery tomorrow, she has had to put it down for priority delivery first thing Thursday . And apparently they will refund the delivery charge as they have not delivered as stated. So we will see I will only be there till 9.30 as I will have to do my shopping. I will be leaving home at 9 am tomorrow. So tough if they can't deliver when they want. Let you know what happens. Have a nice evening xx

  • Well?


  • Just to let you know Pat a refund was made to my account for delivery failure, and the goods arrived first thing this morning, by a different courier and the package label says dispatched after 19.00 hrs on the 21/03/2015 for overnight delivery.So were as it been since Saturday evening one wonders. :) Hope you had a good day I have been busy at my widows group till 3.00 pm then surprise, surprise when I went to collect my prescription there was a problem with that too. So I have had to change the way that is done again, two steps forward three steps back is the saying. xx

  • Your parcel was in the same place as missing teaspoons and socks!

    I have part of my greenhouse missing. Insurance claim and builders done well but....bos with auto vents, louvre vebts lost. Left Gloucester with the same container. I wait....


  • Not much choice but wait is there Pat, and if vents or parts are missing it gets even more complicated hope they arrive soon. Oh one of the zip pullers on the goods of mine is missing,but not going to go through the hassle of returning will improvise other means as it is only the lining zipper and it's so small I would not be able to use it without improvising anyway.The right thing to do would be send it back as faulty :) xx

  • Hello Pat

    Try Dead Sea Salts in a warm bath. You will most probably get them at something like Holland ans Barrett or Boots.

    I used to use them about ten years ago and they seemed to calm down nerve and muscle pain. The salts seem to retain the warmth . You may get relief for David using these salts

    Bob x

  • I hate being negative but he can't make the bath. Not had one for 20 years.

    I think should be some sort of adaptation to hshoweres where you can run the water through a tank with salts etc in it.

    Think I'll tryyou idea out on me though! I have n'ice weather sorting out in the garden syndrome'!

    How are Hazel and Pax now?


  • Hello Pat

    Of course I should have understood that, I am spoilt here and of course I use the shower most of the time.

    When I used the stuff I used a soap made with it Try BOOTS for that type, it comes in medium sized tablets although I used the stuff for psoriasis and it seemed to clear the skin.

    It is the warmth that David needs and if He showers supply him with a seat to sit on. Of course I speak to the converted

    We got over the shower with side jets x6 Although it is the salt crystals/mud that seems to keep the joints warm

    You can get the Black Sea mud that can be warmed and applied to the afflicted areas, then washed off We used to get that at LIDL or some of the health shops, although it was very bad to get and I brought back a kilo of the stuff when visiting Israel, which is not very helpful in your case.

    Sorry I may have suggested more of a problem than assistance.

    Bob xx

  • Never a problem Bob!

    I like the mud pack suggestion. Have heard of them and fancy one myself.

    Wonder if u could substitute some soil from the garden? Keeps the plants thriving so....

    At the moment the voltarol is doing a good job but no diagnosis seems odd.


  • Sorry, back in the wars again, You need to know what is causing the problem. Could do some research with my health notes

    Keep a hold Pat

    BOB xxx

  • You offering young Bob? GP offered no suggestion. If we knew what it was and how he did it that would be half the battle. Stop it happening again and how to trat it. You know like golfers elbow is caused by using something like garden loppers - that pincer action.

    I am a why person!

    Lovely to get so many good help from eberyone. Time for a cuppa now.


  • It's more than likely due to the spine compensating for bad posture due to pain. Muscles spasm etc causing a great deal of pain!

  • Daft think though he wasn't in any more pain the normal. Well the normal grinding pain but stable. Just sort of arrived unannounced.

    Votarol is doing good though.


  • It builds up over time, no specific trigger for mine. Hope it sorts soon. Xx

  • Hello Pat

    We had family that would visit like that, we were always glad to get rid of them.

    Pain is the same

  • If they do not deliver as promised and you have paid an extra premium for it they should reimburse your delivery charge as they have not fulfilled their side of the contract. Don't stand for any nonsense from them. best of luck.x

  • Thanks for that Rosewine, I have been given a refund to my account and the goods were delivered first thing this morning before I left for my group meeting. Shame I had to complain, however it might make them reconsider how their system works now.

  • Good for you sticking up for yourself. Glad you have at last received what you had ordered. I just can't understand why they can't get it right first time. If enough people complain they are forced to change but often people where money is no object just shrug their shoulders and let them get away with it.x

  • True

  • Thanks Dan - he already takes Baclofen twice a day and has done for many years.

    In fact je is pretty maxed out on most meds and not many left that are compatible.

    Investigating these woden back rollers at the moment.

    Still find it odd why usually so helpful GP has shrugged his shoulders.


  • Think you are right - GP doesn't know. He is gd though and ets pain clinic lead and he follows.

    He did think it was likely to be a torn muscle as it has gotten worse over about a month. Pain clinic always have big pow wow on Mondays so will get back tomorrow.

    Suspect i will be chief massager though.

    Always a problem when you are at the topof pain relief. Just another pain on the ever growing list poor alad.


  • I have been suffering from this too for the last six weeks. Excruciatingly painful even though on lots of painkillers already. I tried the tennis ball and rubbed the knots out of the muscle. Been to gp twice, first one said it is stress and tension and gave me shoulder physio exercises sheet. This made my shoulder hurt too. Next one said it was all in my head and I'm just chasing the pain around my body! But he did up the painkillers to fentanyl patch which has helped. I've been doing neck exercises for past few days and taken all but one pillow away to sleep on. Going to see a chiropractor tomorrow as I believe it is more a neck nerve problem. They will do an X-ray at least. Gp is not interested really and really upset me saying my hypersensitivity to pain will make it impossible to recover from upcoming surgery for PN pain. I don't think I'm hypersensitised, i am just in pain from surgical nerve damage and two years of bad posture not being able to sit properly. Sorry for long post. Interested in replies on this thread. Thank you.

  • Throwing an idea your way.

    It requires a willingness to give it a go.

    And an oscillating fan.

    I find sitting with it aimed at my back helps.

    A hair dryer is an alternative.

    Hoping you find something that soothes.

    Keep on trucking.

  • What a novel solutiion Ned. I am hoping to find something for David which doesn't actually involve me doing anything!

    Think there's a oscillating fan in the loft.

    Will seek it out.


  • Oh Sueboo that's about the same time as David. Spooky. David does have cervical spondy right in his neck and Xray ruled out any furrther damage there. U thought it was his Rhumboids but GP thought further over as trapezius. Yes pain has woken him many times and took 6 cocodamol in 8 hrs last night.

    I have just ordered a wodden back roller for him to use himself. Only pennies so nothing will really be wasted if it doesn't work.

    Have you tried the ie pacl Sueboo?

    I'll certainly keepposting when I get news back from pain cnsultant.

    Meantime I am trying to keep him as immobile as possible. Not too difficult as the slightest neck movement makes him scream out.

    Pat x

  • I was told years ago that I had cervical spondylitis, although not by X-ray, just by the crunching noise my neck makes when I move it! No mention of that when I saw GP about pain behind my shoulder blades. I'll let you know if chiropractor sheds any light on it tomorrow. Take care. Xx

  • Hi Paton. I have been a member for a while but not posted before. Just wondered have you tried Voltarol Gel ( 12 hour Emugel not the 8 hour one) for David's 'muscle pain'? Sounds a simple/ basic treatment but I have had surprising relief for my back pain from it. I have had a spinal fusion and 2 discs removed and have permenant nerve damage causing multiple problems with legs including pain. Also new diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I am already on multiple meds including opiates and Viltarol but got fed up with the back pain disturbing my sleep so tried the Gel as a 'top up' and surprisingly found it really helps. It's pricey but well worth a try 😃

  • Hello Andy - welcome on board! You seem to have more than a share of your own pains.

    GP has precribed voltarol but not sure which version. Delivery later and will get crackig. Often with creams and gels it is a double relief. One from the cream itself and second from the massage that goes with it. That's me!

    Glad you have found it helps

    Pat x

  • Is it an option to visit a sports massage therapist? I started having treatment a few weeks ago. It is not your fluffy spa type of massage and I found it to be very helpful. Good luck in any event.

  • I haveb the same problem right now. It is a repeat of ten years ago. I had a neck problem then too and eventually ahd a disc replaced in Germany. Jhowever the pain in myback didnt go until my husband began massaging it nightly with a chinese balm. Eventually after some weeks it did get better. It has nowreturned and I put itdown to repetitive starin innjury- inmay case use of the computer mouse so I have to limit myselfand I have beenoverdoing it recently.

  • I'm not a doctor. But have experience. Try a muscle relaxer. Valium is also a muscle relaxer. I had 2 back surgeries in the past 7 months, I take Percocet cau$e

    I don't get any side effects. The patch just masks all symptoms. Mettaxalone. And soma are common muscle relaxer too. Use heat and ice 20 minutes on 20 minutes off every few hours, hope this helps. Good luck

  • Oh and massage therapy always helps but gentle massage for now. I am a massage therapist,

  • Chiropractor said my spine is a mess cos of poor posture due to pain. 9 vertebrae in my neck have issues, twisted to one side, lost 50% movement due to spasm etc. Going back Thursday for full report. All due to original pain problem, not in my head!! Can work on neck but will keep recurring til surgery (hopefully) relieves some of the pain so the posture can be corrected somewhat. So pursuing regular treatment until surgery to keep neck out of spasm. Pain associated with where first few ribs join. No painkillers seem to help. Will know more on Thursday. So refreshing for someone to understand my pain, explain it and tell me it's perfectly logical and can be helped. I'm not crazy after all...hope my GP enjoys reading that report! And his best phrase was 'your paying for this treatment, your views matter very much'. Working with me not against me (at very reasonable rates compared to others, so I know it's not just a money making exercise). Better than just taking more and more painkillers, but I appreciate that I have no structural or disc damage to spine.

  • Oh, rolling around with a tennis ball can be mighty painful. I use one though on my back by placing the tennis ball between my body and the wall and then I do the moving all around to get relief where it hurts the most which is that middle back and lower - sometimes hips. I feel like a fool doing my little dance so I usually shut my bedroom door and do it...

    It does work but I would never be able to roll on it with the ball between the floor and my body.. would hurt so much in those very tender spots.. Good luck for it working for him. Try the wall and the ball once.

  • Sorry tis my sense of humour! Keeps me going.

    Have ordered a wodded nack roller with wheels on it. Recommended on this forum. That way he doesn't have to share with the Collies!

    I think shutting yourself away doing exercises is wise. Some David has now do look like an ancient water wobble.

    f they work ad help then that's the important thing.

    Pat x

  • Paton, didn't know such a product existed. haha. I have my exercise to do as well. I live in the USA by the way. =) Love reading these posts to get more ideas. Now hopefully people will use tennis balls as well in their routine of pain relief. It works best for hip pain... but this new thing that you are talking about makes me want to google it... .and that's just what I'm going to do.. Have fun..

  • That's where I found this one! Some look quite alarming.

    It ws on a health article which sair to use a tennis ball - I just have over excited Collies who think a TB would be for them/

    Nie to meet some one from across the 'pond' and hope these posts help you/

    It's what we all try to do although we do have to remember where we talk about NHS and GP you have a different system.

    Let me know which gadget you fancy!

    Pat x

  • Put the ball in a long sock and sling it over yr shoulder when leaning against the wall. That way you can adjust it to a degree, and don't have to keep bending down to pick it up! Works a treat for massaging back.

  • I just tried the tennis ball on as sock It works pretty well. I am grateful for this tip. Hip to the wall with the ball alone so it rolls easy works best for me. I also use poll dancing as a way to keep my back flexible. I obviously am not dancing but using the pole for stretches and knee bends at a slower pace. Some days it kills me to do it and l cry through the pain in my spine, but l have my great days too when l go out walking or jogging if lm fantastic. I used to be an avid runner and l played soccer until l was kicked just right to blow out my knee and the tip of the femur broke... now l watch soccer and other sports. I have a new knee that lm happy with but anyway, that's my story and on sticking to it. Haha. I might order one of those gadgets to change up what l do to stay in shape. Xxx Karen

  • Oh wow - what to do with a tennis ball, sock, and poll!

    All we need is a little gentle music and ....

    Yikes2 are you still supposed to do exercises if it hurts so much?

    Pat x

  • I do them because I refuse to tighten up and not be flexible. Ive seen people in my RA exercise class that slowed down and stopped pushing themselves and now it hurts for them to bend to tie their shoe. I keep moving every body part everyday so that I lose nothing...except possibly speed. Running was my life.. sports was too and that was taken from me with my knee incident.. I'm not going to give into losing more to this inflammatory disease. I will press on beyond pain just a little bit...I am fighting wanting to stay stiffened up and in one position - ice helps when I am done if it's really bad for me. I put on music with a beat so that I can try to move to it so yes it works and sometimes I use the Zen to get myself going... meditation helps greatly too. I always end my workouts with meditation before hitting the shower. Usually then I am exhausted... like now. I am going to take a quick nap once I dry my hair or I wont make it when my husband comes home and I should be awake to eat dinner with him and do whatever we will do.. last night we watched "The Voice" I love the show so much. XX Karen

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