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Left side pain n stomach issues

Wondering if anybody has left side discomfort an pulsing with heaviness an gas that's especially bad in morning? Feel sick to stomach an feels like something under left ribcage an pressure lots a gas, I think I'm having severe anxiety as well. I have no dr an on a list forever to get one, hospital it seeing severe patients as we're plaques in this area with covid. I'm going out a my mind with worry thinking the worst like pancreatic cancer. Anybody have similar situation? Please don't say go to dr as I don't have one. Thanks!

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Hiya abbagail,im not sure where yu live in the world but in my area,we have walk in centres who cater for people in your situation and they're pretty good,if they're concerned,they'll try to get you sorted.Again,if youre based in the uk,you could speak to someone on the NHS web and hopefully they'll direct you in the right way.If you live outta Britain,look for your equivalent.Gd luck.

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Live in Canada an walk in center is operating same as hospital due to covid outbreak here now but thank you for yr suggestion an replying!!

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There has to be something there for you.You need to know,Canada seems like a progressive country,keep searching,cos its stressful when you're in pain and you're worried and yu dont know where to turn.Bang down doors if yu have to.Best of British.

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Are you joking Canada got really terrible medical health care. It is only good if you are not sick and got little cold . Only attention to covid patients no other problems..

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Thank you I will!!

Where abouts in Canada are you? I am Canadian although I now live in the UK. I have just had a long Zoom chat with my cousin and her Inuit and First Nations family. My heart goes out to you all.

Unless you have weight loss and yellowing of skin, which if you did then A&E would see you straight away, it is unlikely to be pancreatic cancer as it doesn't start with that sort of pain.

There could be many things causing your pain, and it is likely that the anxiety isn't helping either. For instance the bowel wraps around itself and other organs, and the final large colon where the poo collects has a portion that goes across the top of our abdomen just below our ribs. Gas can often collect there and give pain much higher up than people expect. How are your bowel movements?

It sounds that just for peace of mind you need to try to see someone. Can you approach a support organisation to get them to help you get a doctor or to find out why it is taking so long to get one? It sounds like you need some practical local help to get you through this.

Oh, sorry, I meant to say for a long time I had a similar pain like that, as soon as I lay down to bed it would hurt. I managed to get an appointment and have a friend stay with my toddler son so I could go alone. They said it was Irritable Bowel Syndrome, nothing to worry about.

It did help, I just put it out of my mind, and got on with being a single parent with a young child. Eventually it settled down and I have had few problems like that since.

I hope you can get something sorted soon, and I hope you can get someone to listen to you, whether it be in A&E or in a primary care office.

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Thank you for replying you gave some very useful knowledge it sounds exactly as your describing. I pray your right

Hi Abbagail. I am no way a Doctor but have you considered that it could be a hiatus hernia. I just developed one and the symptoms sound similar. Do you suffer from acid reflux at all. I started with bloating then I threw up just the once then I started with discomfort just under the sturnum around the ribs. Got discomfort in stomach area at times with trapped wind. HH can cause a number of problems everyone is different and I am not saying you have one at all. Hope you get an answer soon good luck and try not to worry. Easy said than done I too suffer Anxiety

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Thanks for replying somebody else mentioned that too I will look it up. In sure the anxiety isn't helping.

I am in Toronto. Canada. ER will see you here. I did a walk in three weeks ago and was looked at. I had jaw pain. But l too have the pain you describe. Look up splenic flexure syndrome...it sounds exactly like that. Painful but nothing really serious

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Thank you for your replying I will look that up. Right now my area is getting hit hard with new strain covid cases so er an walk-in clinics aren't really seeing anybody unless it's an emergency been on the dr list for so many years an getting nowhere! People on here replying help so thank you.

It sounds like a bad case of constipation. You could try magnesium citrate. It usually gets me going.

Hi, first I would like to .......Sorry just that I understand the feeling. I have the same problem, but I thought it was due to nerve damage sustained from a surgery to remove a tumor and most of my left lung. But I noticed that no even pain killers would help when it would get to a point that made me almost scream, but it would get to that when I would have so much work that I would wait to eat. Then when I noticed a connection I would make sure to eat something, just so I can get through the day, because the pain medication worked but only when I would not let get to that point. After 5 years on Opana 10 MG, 1 pill every 4 to 6 hours as needed, 180 pills a month. After that, came the News with singers, actors, etc. Dying of Opioid abuse, and then Doctors cared more about their license than a patient, and besides they had people to spare. Hundreds of people at one location, and same at the other. Then I had to get clean, I remember the Doctor saying I was addict, ok, I know that, but who wants to share part of me being addicted with me? Not him, all he said was "Nobody dies from withdrawals", then gave a letter and that was that. But to answer your question, my mom gets the same pain, but also when she's really hungry. No idea what it is, and if the Doctots had a hard time diagnosing me with cancer. It took about 4 Doctors and a foot in the grave to find out I came close to dying. But anyways, I would also love to know what that is. Thank you for what you wrote and if something helps you oh you find out what causes it, would love to hear it.

Hi Abbagail, I have pain, pulsating in the same area plus occasional reflex which I keep in check by taking probiotics. My symptoms are caused by a hiatus hernia. I hope you can get some answers and relief soon. You need to have investigations to get to the bottom of the problem. X

Hi there...thnx for replying, I've just started taking probiotics as well. I have no dr an have been on waiting list for years. I didn't think hernia so that's something interesting to look at too. My mind's thinking the worst with where it is an all the gas an Naseau I have daily looking stuff up has made me panic about pancreatic cancer as I have a lot a same symptoms. Good to talk to people like u! Thnx n take care!!

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Did u figure what was wrong and is the pain still there im currently experiencing similar symptoms to yours im a bit afraid a well but im gonna visit my doc this week to find out what’s going on.

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