Severe lower left side abdominal pain

I was looking on the Internet about left side abdominal pain that I have been experiencing for about twelve yrs on and off but now for the last four days straight I've been having left side lower abdominal pain with severe lower back pain that gets worse upon standing up or laying down reguardless of which side u lay on,there is a heavy weighing pulling sensation that I feel in my groin area I've had x-rays, CT scans, surgeries that I may have not needed but finally after 12 yrs of pain suffering I was finally diagnosed with the right type of illness after all this time,I see that their are a lot of other people that are experiencing what I've experienced and have a lot of the exact same symptoms that it took my doctors year's to find out and after all the test and results showing normal and negative I prayed to go that he give this illness a name and he let if be shown in my CT scan, and he did jyst that the day before yesterday, and if anyone has any questions about anything feel free to ask me, I would be more then glad to answer

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  • So what was the diagnosis?

    Pat x

  • My diagnosis was diverticulitis

  • Sorry if I missed your diagnosis. That is extremely paimful.

    I don't know much about it apart from a friend who suffers with it and she seems to get periods where it flares up.

    Hope now you are getting treatment and relief.

    Pat x

  • Well yea I'm getting treatment but there is no cure for this I have to completely change my eating habits and be careful what I eat and drink,I have really bad flare ups I'm jyst glad out of 12 yrs they finally put a name on this horrific illness what symptoms is she having and I can compare hers to mine

  • No one can offer a diagnosis , except , may he post Herpetic Neuralgia

  • Hi Latrice

    My husband suffered with that horrible complaint for about 15 years in and out of hospital with infections it got that bad he was advised to have an operation to have the infected part removed. We live in the West Midlands but I researched the hospitals and as my son lived in london he went in a London hospital he was in theatre for a long time but came out with no colostomy bag which he was dreading having. It was the best thing he had done the operation and recovery was slow but he is free from the horrible pain. If you need anymore information you can send me a message. Take care. Xxx

  • I'm definently in a lot of pain but know this Illness has a name I wanna know more about the surgery cause I think that's my next option is the scar big? How painful is the surgery?

  • Hi Latrice

    My husband changed his diet and tried everything he was admitted to hospital 5 times in one year with it getting infected. Have you seen a consultant yet he will answer all your questions looking at your photograph you look very young my husband was in his early 60s. Take care. Xx

  • I'm 35yrs old and I have a lot of health problems I have bad genetics I've been in cardiac arrest twice respiratory arrest a couple times I'm a severe asthmatic I have GERD acid reflux I got the worst end of the deal I suffer with severe pain that sum times causes my heart to beat uncontrollably I jyst lost my dad to all these illnesses and now it seems like there trying to get the best of me to by looking at me u wouldn't even kno i suffer like I do

  • I feel so sorry for you I know what the pain is like my husband suffered terrible. Can I ask what area you come from you do need to see a consultant to give you advice. You look much younger than 35 years xx

  • I'm in California and I've seen so many doctors specialist u name it I've done it I even had a couple of surgeries that I now feel like we're not necessary because I'm 100% worse then before those surgeries but I feel like my diverticulitis diagnosis is right on target because I've done my research and starting applying it to my daily life it's been barely 3 days since I've been out the hospital and with the antibiotics and pain medication I feel about 80% better I felt 90% better yesterday but I must of had a bck set because my bck pain feels like it's gonna snap in half and I can't even get a massage because it's so painful to the touch

  • Hi you are suffering we live in the UK I don't know what the procedure is in California but you do need to speak to someone about what can be done xx

  • Hi you are suffering we live in the UK I don't know what the procedure is in California but you do need to speak to someone about what can be done xx

  • I have been dealing with doctors all my life I was born sickly from bad genetics but I've done everything even had surgeries that I had supposedly needed and now that I did I'm worse off but I think my diverticulitis diagnosis was the correct one cause almost instantly with treatment and watching wat I eat and what triggers the attacks I'm almost at 100% but now I've lapsed back into severe bck pain and they say it's because of the diverticulitis but if that's the case why isn't the bck pain getting better my abdominal pain is better but back pain worse it's so bad now that I can't even stand wearing a shirt because it's painful when the slightest thing touches my bck seems to me abnormal

  • Hi Latrice my husband didn't suffer with back pain perhaps that is something else. You take care I do hope things ease up for you xxxx

  • Thanks when I had my first diverticulitis attack it started with the stomach and back pain together now that my tummy pain is getting slightly better my bck feels worse I don't kno if it's because my stomach hurts less and now the bck pain is obvious or if this is another symptom of another illness to come I can't win for losing but I will not give up in Jesus name thanks for responding to me by the way did ur husband have any bck pain right in the center of his spine feels like muscle spasms

  • Hi Latrice no he had no back pain but it could be muscle spasm. I suffer with that in my back xx

  • What's the treatment for that because my bck pain is getting so badd it's hard to sit up lay down bend sleep everything it hurts where the doctor did my epidural years ago I thought maybe I'm having a bck set or maybe it is something serious wrong i have a lot of swelling around my spine so I'll call my doctor and see wat they say thank u

  • Hi Latrice yes speak to your doctor xx

  • I have had diverticular disease for 20 years since the menopause.It is Diverticulosis or Diverticular disease when it isnt active and Diverticulitis when it is inflamed and active.I have had some very bad spasms in the past but now that I have changed my diet to a Mediterranean type with little fast food or ready prepared meals, apart from wind for which I take Colofac every day, it rarely bothers me. I find that certain foods can start it off-prunes and sweet corn for me but everyone seems to have different triggers. i can live a normal live now.Keep perservering and find what is right for you.If I get a bad flare up I use buscopan and codeine 30mg which works well for me.

  • I get severe left lower rib cage , deep sub surface ,for last three years post severe attack of Shingles , pain is when I am NOT using my brain as in writing reading , driving etc

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