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Brain fog

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Good morning fellow pain suffers,

I’ve spinal stenosis and I have been taking amitripyline, pregabalin, sertraline, cinnarazine and paracetamol before bed for about a month. I find I’m waking feeling like I’ve a hangover. I also take pregabalin every morning. (Not all are for my spinal issues).

The pregabalin is to prevent muscle cramps and was prescribed in last month after my most recent decompression op.

I read and re read the info leaflets for all my meds and brain fog/hangover symptoms aren’t listed.

I’m still waking with the cramps and have them during the day as well.

Has anyone else had brain fog with pregabalin?

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II have taken pregabiln intermittently for years for periferal neuropathy and found it to be the most effective of the drugs I tried. However I definitely did experience the brain fog . It would get better and worse but was always present to some degree.

They were going to prescribe gabapentin but as I said I needed to drive pregabalin was prescribed.Good (ish) to know it’s not just me. It’s not all the time but some days it can take every ounce of will power I have to get up 🤨

I am not saying it isn't the pregabalin but don't forget that pain and inflammation can also cause brain fog and fatigue. It could be more than one thing causing it.

Hi there serious-seamstress I take anmtripyline which I take 150mg I take about 4 hours before bed.

That’s a lot more than me!

To start with pregabalin gave me terrible brain fog and I would feel like I was drunk most of the day. It wears off as your body gets used to it. Nowadays I am fine except when I take an extra tablet due to unbearable pain at night. It’s a toss up at night sometimes between calming the pain and knowing brain fog will be there the next day or the increased pain. I only occasionally take extra.

I only started pregabalin at the beginning of May and take 150mg/75am and 75pm. It’s it’s odd because I done feel so groggy after I take the morning pill 🤷🏾‍♀️

I am the same as you. The morning one doesn’t make me groggy but the evening one does. There’s no rhyme nor reason to it!

Hiya brain fog just reading your having issues with pregablin, I only take 2 tablets , have you tried ampitripline at night , l find I sleep so well with them .

I take 3 amitripyline at night and I don’t sleep well 🥺

Yes I too take 3 25mgs of ampitriptlines and 1 pregablin. Can I ask you do you have any hotsweats?

No, no hot sweats 🤞🏾

I was taking 100 og pregablin morning and night.. Helped with the pain and slepted well.. But during the day the brain fog I couldn't cope with felt sedated most of the day.. I've reduced it to 75 mcg at night.. And only take paracetamol during the day now... The pain of fybromyalgia and spinal stenosis is bearable.. I couldn't cope with the tiredness and brain fog during the day... Although a side affect of fybromyalgia is brain fog.. So it's a no win situation

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