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I am sure my internal rectal prolapse is spinal driven.

Has anyone had a surgery L5/S1 which has helped this problem?

Or some sort of facet joint surgery which has helped this problem.

Has anyone had injections that could help this too.

My worst symptoms are waking up early morning with chronic low back pain, and anal pain.

And constant sitting discomfort as though I have an obstruction in my anal canal.

To confuse all of this I have bladder down, and womb down however no problems with those organs!!

My concern is that a prolapse surgery for internal rectal prolapse will make my back pain worse as the newer surgeries have spinal fixation and many ladies have had mesh complications. (ventral rectopexy)

Any help most welcome.


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Hi Sandra

Worth asking for a mri scan unless u have had one already .15yr ago I had an emergency discoptomy due to l5/s1 prolapse disc ,left leg numb,bladder & bowl prob , woke one morning paralysed wais dwn,since then due to bladder prob I've had a total abdominal hysterectomy too.unfortunately in jan14 I had an accident at work & now have l4/l3 slipped &prolapsed my leg is bad accident gain, but iam suffering terible bladder prob gain .

Ask for a mri scan their not nice for some but will show whats what.

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Thanks Tash,

Had MRI.

Degeneration in most discs.

Doctor does not think my spine is not related to my anal problems.

L5/S1 hot spot CT possibly facet joint related!

It could be a worry if things could just go!!!

I am hoping a pain specialist may throw some light on all of this.

Thanks for your posting.

I had surgery last year for rectal prolapse and I also have chronic back pain from a car accident where I had a compressed verterbrae. My back is so much better since the op. and the surgery was a doddle would thoroughly recommend it.

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Good to hear this!! What was the name of your surgery?

Thanks for your response.

Would be interested to know where you had the surgery, and was it ventral rectopexy?

Don't think so, don't remember what it was called. Had the op at the Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton

Hi Sandra

I have a degenerative disorder throughout the whole of my spine.

I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis but following a car running into the back of me ended up with cervical myelopathy, my spinal cord was totally flattened at the C4/5 level.

In October 2010 I underwent total neck reconstruction, anterior cervical disectomy with solis cages at C4/5, C5/6, C6/7 and decompression of the spinal cord.

I've never recovered, the nerve damage was too severe so suffer a lot of pain and the nerve damage has left me with so many problems including bladder and bowel prolapse. Because of the neurological disorder I now have it has made any surgery more complex so I was fitted with a ring to hold everything up....I lasted 4 weeks with it and had to have it removed, it was so uncomfortable and felt worse than the prolapse.

I also have a disc prolapse at L5/S1 and when I saw the consultant urologist was told that this can affect the bladder as it is situated so close.

I know someone who has had surgery for the bladder/bowel prolapse and it was successful, unfortunately it's not really an option for me.

As for spinal surgery, the success rate isn't great, many still suffer with back pain and numbness/tingling in the leg (neuropathic pain) With my cervical spine I didn't really have much choice due to the spinal cord compression, I was given 6 months before I would be paraplegic, so whilst I still suffer many problems, esp numbness in my arms and legs, 6 years on I'm not totally paralysed, it did at least slow things down. For how long I don't know. I just keep going one day at a time.

Wishing you luck.

Jacqui x


Thank you for your very moving story.

I am lost for words and so very grateful for you replying to my posting.

Wishing you all the very best and do try to be as positive as possible.

I do hope family are supportive for you.

Best wishes,

Sandra x

Sandra I have a problem that sounds similar to its only I've HD low bCk hip pelvis pain tailbone spine L5S1 bulging disk screaming abdominal pain and have to evacuate own bowels like stones for past 6 yrs so please of you find some help will you let me know as I'm really tired of it all good Li k and god bless you P's I'm in scotland forgot to ask where you are though the paim the same no matter where you are I feel so isolated now


This forum and others are wonderful for realising that you are never alone.

I dont know who you have seen, but I would suggest researching a very good hospital near to you and asking to see a colorectal specialist with a prolapse specialism.

I made the mistake initially seeing doctors who were not prolapse related.

The doctor will ask for you to have a proctogram which is either a sitting x ray type of examination or MRI in a tube. The latter gives more information in relation to the womb, bladder and bowel in relation to the pelvic floor. In fact it is good to have both examinations. The sitting proctogram gives often more information on the bowel side and shows evacuation problems which you have.

I would also suggest you see a back specialist and have a lumber back and tail bone scan if you have any pain sitting to rule out any lumps as well as MRI pelvis as you have hip pain too.

From this information you may be able to get a better picture of your situation.

I hope this helps a little.


Hi,I've had 3ops on L4 L5 S1 and I have to catheter 4-5 times a day,,I think I have caused my partial prolapse from trying 😣 to strain to much on the toilet,,I hate catheterization every time I get urinary infections and the pain in my butt feels like there's something up there....... often I have to manually excavate I no that's disgusting but it is the only thing I can do it feels like I am still wide open and still need to go but nothing there!!!? I don't sleep well at night as the pain is worse than day ❓ I am still waiting for the hydrotherapy and peristeen system,I'll have to go to the gym and use the warm water and jacuzzi too does it help ...? I also need to build up the muscle in my leg it's half the size of the other!!! Cauda equina is a life changing syndrome and now I am getting electric shocks in my back and legs ,I no I need a m.r.i but its hard to get!!!! If they had done this in the first place I wouldn't be like this!! I'm angry at the doctors and I don't want them near me ever again unless they fuse my spine even I no they should have done after the first operation as it failed and they wanted to operate again but I signed myself out and left it a month before the second one and another one 6 months later is madness!! My lifestyle has changed so much but I'm still here and there is always someone else who is having a worse time of it .... Sorry to go on its like 5.30am bored and lonely in pain with the leg........ Going to try get a few hours sleep 💤

I send you all gentle hugs ((((((squeeze))))))

Love ❤ light and peace ✌ 🌈♏

Thank you for your posting,

This forum is here for us all to listen and try to support one another.

You are angry you didn't have an earlier MRI.

I know little as regards to fusing the spine and I hope someone sees your posting and can give advice.

My spine especially severe narrowing C5/6 MRI gives me incredibly stiff hands achy arms and I am wondering if that area can effect the anal end and cause faecal urgency too.

Hugs to u too.

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