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Lyrica/pregabalin and fatigue

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I take pregabalin for fibro pain and am finding it pretty helpful in reducing the pain. It does nothing for the fatigue or brain fog with fibro though. Anyone have any experiences or suggestions that I can consider?

I also take a whole bunch of other meds for a whole bunch of other conditions.

Can’t take the triptylines. Already on citalopram.

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Hi..I take pregabalin and citalopram makes me feel sleepy but doesn't keep the pain away just sort of numbs brain but not all the nerves so i need co-codomol several times a day and just hate having to take more meds...i haven't any real solutions but just wanted you to know you are not alone...i think we all feel pretty desperate and am increasingly frustrated with the cancelled pain management appointments that make you feel you are invisible and really need nerve block tratment.

Hope the sun is shining where you are...I know i suffer with SAD as well so today feel a bit brighter...

Best wishes


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TeaInAPot in reply to Bea61

Thank you Bea, it is very frustrating. I’ve just got hold of a letter sent from the rheumatologist who diagnosed my fibro, and it recommends a whole bunch of physio, pain clinic, meds to try. This letter was sent to my GP a year ago and I wasn’t sent a copy. None of his recommendations have been followed or suggested to me. A whole year ago!

Fuming/laughing at how ridiculous it is.

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Bea61 in reply to TeaInAPot

Thats disgraceful...are you able to switch to another GP as i would have difficulty in trusting him/her following this revelation...or asking present GP why recommendations weren't followed thru...i accept this route may be more difficult as you are feeling already vulnerable and in pain.

If we felt stronger in our physical selves we would be able to assert ourselves to medical professionals and feel equals but i know this isn't the reality...i really hope you get the treatment and meds you need and wish you better days.

Bea x

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TeaInAPot in reply to Bea61

That’s just it isn’t it? We have to advocate for ourselves, at a time when we are very vulnerable and often unable to think clearly while dealing with our various health issues. I do have another doctor now and will be asking her about it next week. I wish there was more support for people with ongoing health needs.

Thanks x

Hi everyone. My wife has Osteoporosis among many other complaints.

She attends a Pain Clinic once or twice a year but refuses to go again because the last time she attended, the Specialist told her that there was nothing more to be done regarding her feet pain other than putting her on Gabapentin.

She has been on both Lyrica and Pregabalin over the course but finds Gabapentin more beneficial for the pain.

That said, she still suffers great pain in her feet. She describes it as sporadic shooting pains, a feeling of tightness of her skin, very painful to the touch yet numb. she has no " natural " feeling in her feet.

Prior to taking Gabapentin, she felt as though she was walking on stones.

She almost constantly shakes, sometimes violently and sudden and has really bad dizzy spells.

She uses a walker in doors but she's still unsteady and has not left the house in over 4 month's and will not, even though I suggested using a wheelchair.

She is showing signs of depression yet will not see her GP or the Specialist, always pr-emptying what they will tell her.

She's losing her will due to her pain and I do not know what to do.

Has anyone any helpful advise please ?.

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Gogsen in reply to OliveSteven

I was on both pregabalin and gabapentin and a whole cocktail of other drugs including fentanyl patches later changed to oxycontin. I found that all the medication made my fibrofog worse. I was now twitching but always sleepy and forgetful but was told by the pain management team that there was nothing more to be done. NY situation became desperate I felt I needed change.

Change was a long painful process of reversing everything. I decided to go through with the withdrawal of everything as it was I felt these drugs were not helping my pain but just numbing it. I came off lyrica and oxycontin in a radical manner which I would not advise anyone to do but if you choose to do so to follow medical help. With support of my Gp and a different rheumatologist at the hospital, I successfully came off them and am now on paracetamol and a cream. The body had become addicted to the drugs and kept demanding more by increasing the pain threshold I was told.

Theme result is that I still have the pain still feel like I'm walking on stones but my memory has improved I'm no longer on anti depresants and am living differently and I have completed a degree with the university. If you live in the UK find out if the Expert Patient Programme still exists. It empowered me to shift my mindset from being a patient to a person who could make suggestions and choices while discussing with health care professionals. Your wife might also access CBT or other mindfulness treatment options if she so wishes of course. There is help out there we just need to persist to seek it after all we have only one life and we are also entitled to a second or third chance in life. I hope your wife dies not lose hope.

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OliveSteven in reply to Gogsen

Thanks so much for responding.

You are obviously a strong and determined person, fair play to you.

Your comments are encouraging.

I am trying to glean as much information as possible before showing my wife as she is so dismissive, so I need a strong case to present to her.

Please excuse my ignorance but is fibrofog a condition ?, I assume it refers to state of mind of this complaint ?.

I will post periodically on any progress made.

Thank you once again.

All the very best to you.

Pregablin is very good like you say for pain reduction. I am yet like you to find something which addresses the fatigue (except caffeine(!)) and the fibro fog

Hence I am still looking if I find out anything will be sure to let you know TeaInAPot

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OliveSteven in reply to

Many thanks TeaInAPot, Likewise.

Many thanks for your reply. I will investigate said compound.

All the best.

Will have a look, thank you.

OliveSteven, Fibro fog is the feeling of fuzziness, the cognitive impairment, memory loss, dysphasia, confusion and so on that comes and goes with fibromyalgia. For me it comes and goes in flare ups, and when it’s bad it can be really limiting. I forget the kids at school, forget appointments, can’t remember how to make a meal, forget to eat, lose speech, trail off in the middle of sentences, can’t figure out how to catch a bus. And so on.

That sounds desperate to say the least. Did your GP or a specialist diagnose this ?

My wife is forgetting things and sometimes jumbles her speech and her balance is effected. She also gets trembling shakes ( head and hands especially ). Occasionally her whole body shakes so violently, it lasts for only a few seconds but comes on with no warning.

She has no appetite and eats very little, has restless sleeps even though she feels tired and has not been out of doors for 6 months.

Does this sound familiar at all ?

GP suspected and rheumatologist confirmed. I haven’t told my GP much about the cognitive stuff because of course, I keep forgetting! I have written a list to tell her tomorrow, though let’s just hope I remember to look at the list.

Your wife’s symptoms sound very different to my experiences with fibro. I’m sorry that I can’t be helpful there, all I can suggest is making a list of symptoms that you have noticed, and going with her to an appointment. Which I’m sure you’re doing anyway. Chronic illnesses are so hard to deal with.

Will do.

Many thanks and good luck.

I asked our GP & Pharmacist about this compound and they do not prescribe it.

I am interested to try it but how do I establish if it's genuine and fairly priced ?

Many thanks.

Will contact you.

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