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Knee Pain

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I am taking oral morphine for severe knee pain - it does not relieve the pain and the side effects eg. Constipation are awful. I welcome any advice.

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I’m sorry I can’t give you any advice other than what I’m sure you know about, like. “Ice” or hot water bottles. I just feel sorry for you and wish you very well soon . 😀

If this isn’t relieving pain and having to deal with side effects seems little purpose in continuing with it. I would be going back to whoever prescribed and talking to them about it. Coming off this and trying something else.You don’t say what is causing knee pain but may well be something else that can help. Even if as rabbit65 suggests with ice and heat.

The body quickly gets used to Morphine, so any early pain relief it gave you may not be evident now, so if you wanted to stay on it, you might need an increase in dose. However, it sounds like you don't tolerate the drug well - so it might be worth asking your GP for a referral to a Pain Clinic for advice on other medication routes.

Some of us experience pain and just can't find relief with serious pain meds. I hate opiods, they make me feel like a zombie and constipate me. I could never understand why anyone would take them for recreational drug use. Anyways. I take Aleve and use breathing to ease the knife stabbing back pain when my back seizes. The breathing is deep, steady and exhaling of pain is visualized. It's the closest I have come to real meditation. It works for me, but everyones different. I want to try other pain relief methods besides pills.

Try an anti inflammatory. Morphine might be better in tablet form on slow release. I had a friend on liquid morphine and at 35 she lost all her teeth because of it.

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tannie in reply to Zelda007

I take slow release morphine capsules, 2 twice daily, I find these work far better than liquid,

As others have said, if the morphine isn't working, it might be time to try something else. Go back to who ever prescribed it, because they should have prescribed something for the constipation too.

In the mean time temperature might help. Ice is usually used for the injury as soon as it happens as it stops the blood rushing to the injury, numbs the area, and decreases the inflammation. But heating increases the blood flow which helps the healing substances in it get to the problem.

But the other thing that heat does is fool the brain. The heat receptors send signals much more quickly up to the brain than the pain receptors, so when you apply heat the brain gets that message first, and doesn't have time to deal with the pain message which is sent up more slowly. The brain will think that you are not in as much pain as you were previously!

Hi I have bone on bone knee arthritis and am waiting for a knee replacement op. If you haven’t already I suggest you go on YouTube and type in “knee pain and knee arthritis”. There are some good tips on some videos about exercises which help greatly.

Sorry Javelin9, can't help much on this morphine is addictive so over time it ceases to work and needs higher doses for pain. I just had a knee op but still have pain in myshin but not as bad as before the op. You need to know whats causing the pain as there may be more suitable treatment as treatments are changing all the time. Hyleronic gel injections can help arthritic joint pain by putting the fluid back in the joint. Heat helps me, ice packs work too but its awefully painful while they are on the effected area. There is possibly some drug for you but it may take time to find the right one. Pain clinics are OK but depends on who reveiws your health and how much they think its physical or mental. Good luck anyway and hope you find a solution soon.

Javelin9, calcium fructoborate is a form of boron that may offer some relief for your knee. Talk to your health care professional nefore using any supplement.

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