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On going leg/ knee pain?!


Hello everyone, I was hoping that someone might be able to tell me what's going with my legs/knees I have consistent aching pain in my legs and knees I seem to be in more pain from resting and seem to get Vains popping out the back and them, feeling like it's a half empty straws ( they vibrate) . It's been on going for over 2 years and yet with no answer :-( does anyone have any ideas On what it might be? Or anything I can do?Ps sorry about extremely white legs

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Silly question but...what has your GP said? And any meds, gels etc?



Question,,,do you have any low back pain? Are you feeling pins and needles?

In answer to your questions I was on co codamol and gabapentin but it only dulls the pain, unfortunately my gps aren't very good and have no idea, I've also had a lower back and both knees mri'ed and have come back all clear, I don't get pins and needles, I can't add weight to them without them flairing up. This all started from when I did silly hours at work but have changed jobs a year ago where I'm now able to sit or stand as much as I chose.

Bananas5 in reply to S3nate

No pain meds will take pain away completely. Hopefully at best it will give you some relief.

At least now you have a very good idea when and why the problem started.

That should be helpful.

Have you been referred to a pain clinic?


S3nate in reply to Bananas5

Hiya, I've been referred to the pain clinic, it all started from working a night shift as I found Vains popping out the back of my legs first then pain was onset the following night were I was unable to do stairs and it grew from there. I ended up getting bed bound then have adapted to cope with pain. I was hoping if someone knew anything about it or if someone grew any ideas to help ease the pain apart from meds x

Bananas5 in reply to S3nate

Glad you are being referred to pain clinic. They will be able to advise you on alternative therapies...physio, acupuncture and self management.

Often rubbing some pain relief gel can help...the rubbing action as in massage can be beneficial

I am sorry I can't be more specific


Have you tried using support stockings they can give good relief, mine have often looked like those legs! It can be varicose veins which give aching,heavy legs and don't always look all knobbly so are silently there,but presumably this will have been checked along with circulationissues?

Try CBD oil, it’s natural .... just have to get it from a good company that makes it pure.

I havent tried Cbd oil, any ideas on a good brand as I've never looked into them before? I have been seen by vascular and they have told me I don't have varicose veins :-S I have tried things like compression socks ect but to no avail. Many thanks to everyone so far.

I do have vain pop out of my legs and become more visible sometimes. I think you should do more exercise to ease the constant pain. I am not too sure, but seems like rheumatism

Hi. Know that feeling. Two strange to you ideas that work for me.

1, lye on bed or floor and raise your legs up and rest them on the wall, not for too long the first time but the more often you do this the better you will feel anD the more often you will want to.

2. Put a couple of handfuls of dead sea salt in your nice hot bath and stay for 20 mins, greatly helps my knees and hip

And get yourself Sevens seas Codliver oil with garlic, one a day and in a week or so you will notice. ......

And an after thouget keep walking, make it a habit slowly and consistently. Otherwise you'll really sense up.

Hope this helps?

Dear S3nate,

I have just written a 'Post', on here, about a Magnetic Knee 'Brace'. I'm wondering if this might, give you, some relief too.

Have you tried TENS, Acupuncture or Hot/Cold therapy? Just a thought.


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