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Help, two questions see below.

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Hi all, I was diagnosed with 4 bulging discs and impingement of the sciatic nerve in March 2021. I had an epidural and leg manipulation under sedation on 26.4. After I felt wonderful no real pain then I developed pain in my right hip the following week. I’ve had this pain ever since, whenever I twist my hip, which makes walking difficult and painful. The pain is in my groin.

I have two questions for you all:-

1). Have any of you experienced hip pain after this procedure? If so what was the treatment?

2) Have any of you claimed PIP for your back issue?

I know two very different questions, I look forward to the responses x

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Can’t help with first question but with regards PIP. I claim PIP but only part of my claim is for chronic sciatica. I have multiple health issues so don’t know how much my other problems affect PIP.Having said that PIP is about how a condition affects you rather than the condition itself. I am unable to walk any distance due in part to sciatica. I am unable to stand to prepare meals or stand in things like queues because will increase pain in my back and down leg. Dressing can be difficult due to bending.

No harm in applying for PIP but is a minefield and get help to complete forms. Eg CAB at very least look at CAB website for assistance to complete forms.

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Leoniemhowes in reply to Bevvy

Thank you so much, I had to do the forms for my daughter recently who converted from DLA to PIP. They are a real minefield aren’t they. Did you have to have an interview?

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Bevvy in reply to Leoniemhowes

Yes had face to face when first moved from DLA to PIP. Then had review in December and had telephone assessment. Was also phoned for second time because assessor wanted to check something about my walking. I know many people have difficulties with claims but in my case I feel I have been treated fairly, respectfully and listened to.

Hello Leoniemhowes,I can really feel sorry for you with this hip pain. What I do know is that I too have bad sciatica in my right side , all relating to severe back issues. I do know that these pains can radiate all over the place, into the knees and hips , I think if I’m right you will find it will get better soon . It might find another area of the body to hurt . My pains travel around , arthritis sets into our joints and it’s a nightmare . I hope your alright but go back to your doctor if your worried .

Hi - I have chronic lower back and other pain.Re PIP application. Do get the help of CAB as the forms are a minefield, and it is common for people to have to appeal. Also think about what evidence you can show them particularly regarding how your pain affects how much help you need to do tasks/ move around.

Pain is hard to prove- if you have not already done so a visit from Occupational therapist could show you what disability aids are available.

We had to fill in my reapplication form for PIP in the first weeks of lockdown 1. I had my interview over the phone about 2 months ago- about 1.5 hours of non- stop questions, but at least I didn't need to go across town( I am largely housebound).

I hope all goes well.

Thank you for this advice, I have an occupational health appointment through work next Monday. I need help around the house, at my worst I need support walking up the stairs and personal care. I have gone from being very active, two children one of which is registered disabled herself, to spending a considerable amount of time in bed resting. I am unable to work at the moment as I can not sit for prolonged periods without pain. I currently can't bend from my right hip and have limited movement in that hip.

Hi leoniemhows,Like you I had to appeal as the guy who came to my house did not put down anything that I answered his questions with when the report came through when I read it he had put down nothing even like my answered when I called the dss I was told that there was nothing they could do as the reports were not carried out by them so I said if there is nothing they could do that I would see them in court as I had proof that the report was incorrect and if they wanted I was happy to send them a copy of the interview as my cctv had recorded all of it the woman told me I was not allowed to record it unless I had informed them before the interview I said that I had informed the guy who did it as I had a sign in the window plus one on the outside of the front door which you cannot miss in the end I went from requires no help to the basic rate for care and the higher rate for mobility. The only thing they said was that my benefit would only be back dated to when I told them I wanted them to take a look at my claim (or when I said I would see them in court) so I just accepted that I have been on it 9 years now and not had to have a a review the woman who told my what their decision was told me that she would mark my case as no review for 10 years which was the maximum length of time but she would also put a note saying that there was no way I would get better but I may get worse so don't bother with a review ever, she said that it was not definite that they would not do a review but it was most likely so I wait in hope.

I advise that you keep at them as they can change their mind about a review so if they at first say you do not need the benefit just keep pushing when you have any interviews always state how you are on your worst day and forget how you are on a good day, I kept a pain diary for over a year where I put down on a scale of one to ten how bad I was when I took a look at it I could not believe how many days in a year that I marked myself as between 0 to 5 it was less than 15 days a year scale was 0 nothing above basic pain and I was able to walk between 0 to 20 steps 5 was I could get out of bed but could not get dressed and 10 was I was doubled over in pain and could not do anything even I could not get to the bathroom for the toilet, I kept the diary on Google calendar so I could get to it from any device to look at it or to mark things down the dss and the army accepted copy's of it as evidence, when people try to answer how bad you are if your pain is worse on some days than others they tend to just think about your best days and forget your bad days.

Good luck with your claim and don't get downhearted when they say no you can always add to the evidence for your claim a report from your doctor will help but most doctors charge to write it out also if your medical documents state you are bad or indicate you are along with your prescription record if you have been on strong medication for a long time that helps the charge for a copy of your medical docs is £25 for digital (on a computer) and £50 for analogue docs (paper) as they have to photocopy them all which is a lot of extra work for the office staff give them time to get you a copy these documents can help a lot

If your doctors has the online prescription requests then they may be able to give you access to your docs online (you have a right to access under law)

Good luck, Regards Poppy Ann.

Thank you

Hi I suffer from degenerative disc disease and depression. I put a claim in for PIP and was awarded it. I would say that any help you can get via an organisation that deals with helping your community would be of great benefit to you. And don’t give up. If you get turned down try again and again. Good luck.

Thank you

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