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I've had pain in my knees for about a year and a half now. The pain makes it difficult to walk, kneel, and stand up. If I am kneeling and I stand, I can only describe the pain as a burning sensation- almost like a build up of lactic acid after running? My back pain radiates from mid back right down to my hip on my right side. It does feel more muscular than joint, but I'm not sure. I've been referred for physiotherapy, my doctor thinks that whatever started the pain caused me to walk funny/move funny and physiotherapy would fix that. I'm a bit doubtful though.

Recently I've been getting pins and needles quite often in my hands for no reason, and I've had some stiffness in my shoulders/arms.

I'm only 19 and a bit scared. I want answers from my doctors and the pain gets so bad that I find it hard to drag myself out of bed.

I was just wondering if anyone else had similar issues and had any advice?

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Hi Ma-Mela,

I'm so sorry to hear you have such a lot of pain. Have you ever had any accidents in the past- car accidents, falls, childhood injuries? Physio may help but I would suggest that you try to find a practitioner who works with the whole body, not just the site of pain in your knees. We have a tendency in the West to compartmentalise the body into separate parts and that simply isn't how it works. Try not to be scared - there are people who can help with this sort of thing.

Very best of luck




I experience similar pain in my knees, but I'm 56 & it's osteo-arthritis. 19 seems young for that, but it could be any number of factors, even as simple as a vitamin deficiency. I have had lots of physio for various injuries & found really helpful.

You could also ask the physio about acupuncture, again had this several times & it did help me, but I know it's not for everyone. If you don't get any pain relief from physio, consider asking for a referral to pain management.

I can only tell you this from my experience, always consult your GP regarding persistent pain. As for the radiating pain on your right side, it could be sciatica. Again this is based on my experience of similar pain, you should ALWAYS consult a medical expert.

Good luck, take care.


I have heard of using special insoles in shoes can alter the pressure on knees and lower back pain and some people have found it takes the pressure off the knees and back. I'm sure you'd get them fairly cheaply and chemists like boots, lloyds etc, might sell something suitable


Sorry for your pain

The pins and needles sound like trapped/nerve damage You will need to confirm that with your Specialist

I generally find that if I waggle fingers the sensation seems to stop for a while Sometimes this can also be caused by poor circulation again see the GP or specialist

Sometimes teenagers have bad posture and this can put stress and strains on back, hips and knees.

The main problem when young is that you are still growing and this seems to stop around twenty six years old so any problems like this should settle with age. The physio will assist in posture and show how to stand and sit as many young people will slouch even when sitting and walking. Generally if caught early enough they will give advice as when we get to about thirty problems may arise when your structure has stopped forming

Again the GP and Specialist, with the Physio will assist you. Remember we put a great deal of stress on our backs and we are one of the only animals to walk upright as Primates and chimps etc generally walk on hands and feet. Walking upright is a condition that gives benefits in a human life only,

If you are having problems with your neck and shoulders this also can be caused by posture as if we walk with our head slouched this can also cause stresses putting your head out of balance and then effects the shoulder muscle groups, pains can then transmit down the arms

One thing that may remove problems when walking is not to wear a high heel. Try and wear a flat or slightly raised heel this again will make you walk straight. If you also wear a tight pointed shoe this can put pressure on the toes and your knees can be effected as you will walk with a forward stoop putting your body structure out of alignment this will cause further problems with your lower back, knees and hips.

When we drive many people do not adjust their seat properly this again effects your spine at three levels and your shoulders and arms. Your hands will also be out of balance and will cause the pins and needles. I knock me fingers on the dashboard to get my hands right

The Medical teams can give medications here although they will prefer to advise to take otc medications.

My condition is extensive and I take prescribed medications, you need to give the Physio, Specialist and GP a chance to sort this problem out. As one of the problems we have until about twenty six the bones have not finished hardening etc

Good Luck, i do not know if I am giving the information you expect, it is all to do with trying to work with what you have as when young we always need to try and take as little strong medications at your time of life



All sorts of things can cause pain. So what I suggest may be causing your pain problems may be right or may be wrong.

The doctor has spotted that you are walking funny. What caused this can be a chicken or egg scenario. What came first the chicken or the egg. The funny walk causing pain or pain causing the funny walk.

Knees can be quite sensitive to forces being wrongly applied. The knee is designed for force to go through the centre of it. If waking is causing forces to be applied to either side of the knee then pain will develop.

You can get micro-cramps in the muscles which change where the force goes through the knee. The knee goes "ouch" the muscle tightens up as a protective measure and you end up in a positive feedback loop. The result a new habit is born. You now walk in a funny way.

Walking in a funny way will place stresses on the arms as a result of stresses on the ribs not being evenly balanced. There will also be spinal reflexes coming into play which will cause all sorts of uncomfortable muscular stress.

I could go on.

Once a bad muscular moving habit becomes ingrained it is difficult of deal with and correct. You have to unlearn the habitual way of moving and replace it by a better way of moving.

Seeing an Alexander teacher will help with this sort of problem. Joining a yoga class may also help because yoga looks at stretching muscles which have become contracted.

Hope you find what I said useful.



That's terrible.

You could also ask the physio about acupuncture, I had this several times & it did help me,

but I know it's not for everyone. If you don't get any pain relief from physio, consider asking for a referral to pain management. Have you ever take some natural supplements for your pain? Try Kingly Velvet, it can help you lessen the pain that you've suffered.

Hope this will help you.


Teenaged knees can be subject to as condition called Osgood-Schlatters Disease. This is a growth thing and is common in young athletes. My daughter had it. It is a condition which can be grown out of but you should have it checked by a doctor.


I also meant to ask, do you have joint hyperflexibikty? As in double-jointedness?


Most probably, it is osteoarthritis. If you have a family member with the same condition, then it might be one contributor to what you are experiencing right now. You may ask for a second professional opinion from another doctor or you may try some alternative treatments like massage or acupuncture. My dad had experienced the same and along with his medications, he also wears a magnetic bracelet, recommended by his friend.


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