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Post Operative Sciatica (both legs)

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Hello everyone. I had a one level fusion L5/S1 4 years ago. Have had 3 MRI's , 2 contrast dye MRI's since. Nothing found.

I am convinced beyond doubt, that there is pressure on both nerves exiting the vertebrae, hence causing this absolutely terrible gnawing pain.

Can anyone else identify with this, and secondly is there any help out there.

Have taken pregabalin, lyrica etc. I know this sounds contradictory, but I do not want any medication other than ibupofen etc.



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Dougie have you been to see a chiropractor or osteopath ? They are the best ones to help diagnose the problem and work with you to help relieve it. Acupuncture can work for sciatica and chiropractors often do this treatment.


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calliejx in reply to deejames

Yes Dee I do go to an Osteopath but we're just waiting to see what all the tests show before he continues as there are problems further up my back too and still don't know what's causing the other leg's pain/numbness/sensitivity. I will try acupuncture though thank you xx

Hi I had disection L5/S1 31/08/16 and my sciatica in my op leg is worse than before plus I have now got probs in my other leg... I'm fed up of taking their medicones as they themselves cause their own problems bit I have to because of the pain. I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow so i'm very interested to see what he says as he promised the relief would be immediate after the op! X I haven't worked since and am unable to walk at all far or do anything . It's having a huge affect on my quality of life. What are they going to do for you? I've had an in depth full MRI and this still shows problems x

Have you tried hydrotherapy? I have found that the best thing for reducing pain, I also find it very calming. I was told not to have surgery thus I didn't was probaly the best choice I have made about my health so far, why did you have surgery?

If your scans are clear, then there is something else to blame, I really would like at exercise & a pain manangnment program. I have just completed one, best thing ever for me. I would ask to sent onto a program.

I'm just withdrawing off pain meds, I feel pretty fucking nasty at the moment. You have to treat the cause that is what the program does, I don't react well really to any medication, so for me it is the right thing.


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calliejx in reply to Shakou

Hi Shaku I was in so much pain and the surgeon said the result would be 'immediate pain free' after the op.... I confess I didn't read up on stuff like I usually do because I trusted his words. Stupid me! But hey I'm not going to die of it. I just don't understand this nerve damage. I will find out about hydrotherapy thank you x

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Shakou in reply to calliejx

It could well be you have something called "Central Sensation" which is caused by changed in the CNS (Brain & Spinal Cord) where it is still sending pain signals, as the nervous system is wound that is what happened to me. It is caused be negative neuroplasicty, it can be reversed I'm not saying you will be 100% pain, but I'm working towards around 75% recovery which is a realistic goal. Where do you live? If your near me, I'll send you to my physical therapist. Also asked to be referred to RNOH it is a centre of excellence & the pain management program sounds like what you need. Goodluck fellow back pain dude, it will all work out. Small steps, will big gains in the end!

Watch this!

Come back with questions, if you need.

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calliejx in reply to Shakou

Oh my God Shakou that is absolutely amazing - really made absolute sense to me. In fact I feel really enlightened by the information in it. I am in the UK but I'm definitely going to find out more about the 3 weeks Rehabilitation Programme. I can't thank you enough for taking time out to send this to me and giving me hope. Huge hugs xx

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Shakou in reply to calliejx

No worries, where do you live? In the UK?

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Shakou in reply to Shakou

I your near me, I'd be happy be in touch with you the people that look after me. Chin up dude, it will work out.

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calliejx in reply to Shakou

In the Midlands x

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Shakou in reply to calliejx

Ok too far for my physical therapist.

However ask to go here;

It is a national hospital, I think we well worth if your willing to help yourself, work hard & want to get to get better. You want to be on the 3 week program. Make sure you get in the hotel part of the program, the hosptial program is a bit grim. You will be far better off in the hotel. you just need to able to look after yourself & not had falls. You will be fine.

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calliejx in reply to Shakou

Thank you so very much I will check this out. Im very interested. You're a star thank you x

Unfortunately Sometimes Shakou surgery is the one & only option particularly if the disc has prolapsed & nerve damage is happening. It is a tough process & takes such time & patience. Even then for many this is not enough & more surgery may be required because of various conditions, example when there is massive inflammation & stenosis & permanent nerve damage & pain. I am so glad that you found positive results with hydrotherapy. I do understand your thoughts on medication. I, who would never take pain medication now depend on it so that at least I can walk to the loo! Mind you, even with the medication I still scream with pain! This is so unlike me, but just now the pain has beaten me! Gosh I am really sorry if I have annoyed or stressed anyone.

Very Best Wishes to you all, Pixiewixie x

Oh my goodness Pixiewixie you sound like me. I hate taking tablets bit now I need to take them. Bless you. X thank you for your reply x

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